6 Great Household Tasks to do During the Summer Months

Household Tasks

It is nice to have a clean and clutter-free house. However, if you live in a cold, wet climate, there are some jobs that cannot be done during the winter months if they depend on dry, warm weather to be done effectively. Here are x great household tasks to do during the summer months

Deep Clean Your Furniture and Upholstery

Summer is the time to clean your furniture and upholstery as it will dry more quickly than it would in the winter months. Look for a reliable, highly rated company that specializes in professional furniture cleaning. You do not want your furniture ruined by a sub-standard cleaning company.

If you want to clean your furniture or upholstery yourself, you must ensure you do a patch test on the underside of the sofa/chair or back of the curtains if you are using cleaning detergents or chemicals. Some sofas have a small patch of sample material attached to the base so that you can do a patch test on this.

Paint Your Property

A warm, dry day with a slight breeze is the best time to do external and internal painting jobs as the paint will dry quickly.  If you have metal railings around your property, wooden fencing, get outside in the sun and spruce them up with some outdoor paint or stain.  Its also an ideal time to paint indoors because you can leave windows open to reduce the smell of paint fumes.

Get Gardening

It can be relaxing and enjoyable being outside in the sun, doing a spot of gardening. If your garden can do with a tidy-up or makeover, get out in the sunshine and get on with it before the colder months ease in as it isn’t as pleasant gardening in the cold and rain, plodding around in wet soil and vegetation.

Check Gutters, Downpipes and the Roof

In dry weather, check over your property. Look at the roof and see if any tiles need replacing or if the chimney needs attention. Get up a ladder and clean dirt, leaves, and debris out of the guttering and downpipes as they can cause blockages and lead to severe damage in the wetter months.

Beautify the Brickwork

If your property is built from brick or stone, or if you have a wall around the perimeter of your property, you should check the mortar and decide if it needs pointing to reinforce it and make it look neat and tidy.

Get Powerful with Water

On a sweltering day, it’s nice to play with water, so why not get a pressure washer and clean your paths, driveways, patios, and decking! Blasting stone and wood with water can eradicate oil stain, dirt, algae, and moss and transform the look of your outdoor areas. Be aware that power washing can remove filling sand from the channels on mono blocking and paths, so you should consider topping it up once you have cleaned the stones.