5 Top Tips to Make Redecorating Easier


Redecorating can be extremely disruptive for many families, making it difficult to focus on their jobs and daily routine. However, redecorating does not always have to be about mess and sleepless nights. This guide focuses on helping you to take steps to make your redecorating process as uneventful and as peaceful as possible for everyone living in your home.

1.   Hire a Self-Storage Unit

When you are redecorating your home, if you are planning to keep some of your original furniture, you may find that it begins to get in the way or that you are worried about damaging it during the redecoration. Rather than simply moving this out of the room being redecorated, which some people do not have space to do, or covering it with dust sheets, which are not always fool-proof, you should consider hiring a self-storage unit. For instance, Denver storage units from Storage Area can help you to find a dry and safe space to put all of your treasured furniture while you perform tasks such as painting.

2.   Move Out of Your Home

If you have spare money in your budget, you should think about taking one step further and moving out of your home completely. When you are completing a full redecoration of your home, many rooms may become unliveable while they are being sanded and painted, especially if they are filled with dirt and dust, and it may become impossible to keep up with cleaning until the work is finished. However, rather than cope with the stress of your safe space being turned upside down, you should consider living with a relative or moving into a hotel for a few weeks, especially if you have a health condition, such as asthma, which might become triggered.

3.   Plan in Advance

To minimize the disruption that redecorating can have on your life, you must plan it in advance, noting down all the details of the project and ensuring that you have a timeline that you can follow to keep you on track. As well as a timeline, you should also make sure that you plan a budget that can help you to avoid scope creep and can allow you to realize the instant that you start spending more than you can afford. This plan will enable you to know exactly what the next step is at all times.

4.   Call in Professionals

If you do not want to deal with the strain of performing all the work yourself, or if you do not have the appropriate skills, you should not put off calling in the professionals to help you to complete your home decoration project. They may even be cheaper than buying all of the materials and tools yourself, and you should contact many different companies to gather quotes and to find the best professional for your renovation.

5.   Perform the Basics First

Lastly, you should also carry out the basics of your renovation first, as this means that, if you do not have time or money to carry out the extra details and extravagance, this is no problem and does not affect the rest of your project. You should also consider starting in the rooms that you use the most to make sure that they are the first to be returned to a liveable condition.