5 Reasons to Start Green Cleaning


Do you have friends, family members, or colleagues telling you to abandon your conventional cleaning ways and jump ship to green cleaning? You may not feel convinced to make the switch, especially because of the price and availability of green cleaning solutions. But joining the trend will lead you to a greener lifestyle, one that you’ll find worth keeping the rest of your life. Discover 5 of the best reasons why you should start green cleaning today.


1) Increase the safety of your home

If you’ve been buying conventional cleaning products for years, then the words “Warning,” “Toxic,” and “Flammable” shouldn’t be foreign to you. These scary words are obvious red flags, telling you that regardless of how effective the products are for cleaning your home, they’re not the best choice in terms of safety. If you have children or pets in the house, you should be extra careful. You can minimize the risk of infection or poisoning by switching to green cleaning products.


2) Clean your indoor air

It may sound surprising, but the quality of your indoor air can be far worse than the quality of the outdoor air. According to Sustain Eco Store, a manufacturer of organic lifestyle products, the “sick building syndrome” has become a real problem over the past couple of decades, brought about by the increasing usage of harmful chemicals in both building products and the products often used at home. This aligns with the report by the Environmental Protection Agency which states that the chemicals found in cleaning products may linger in the air, thus contributing to cases of allergies, asthma, and immune depression.


3) Preserve the environment

Using green cleaning products will make you feel that you’re doing your own part in preserving the environment. The most reputable manufacturers only use sustainable manufacturing practices and non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients which have virtually zero environmental impact.


4) Keep more money in your pocket

A growing number of homeowners realize the cost-effectiveness of green cleaning solutions. It’s easy to create your own all-purpose cleaners using common ingredients in your kitchen. Vinegar, for instance, can be used to clean the windows, get rid of mold, and disinfect the toilet bowl. You wouldn’t have to purchase different items to suit various applications. Moreover, the growth of the green cleaning industry has made the prices of natural products more attractive than they used to. They can be had at affordable prices, so there’s no real reason to pick products that rely on chemicals heavily.


5) Know what you’re buying

What sets apart green cleaning manufacturers from conventional cleaning manufacturers is their dedication to transparency. You should know that the government requires the full disclosure of ingredients used in cleaning solutions. Makers of green cleaning products are committed to being fully transparent with their customers, while conventional manufacturers often list a portion of their ingredients. You have the right to know what’s in your products, and you should take the time to read and review what’s in the ingredients list to determine what cleaning products are the safest to use at home.