5 Pool Renovation Ideas that Would Never Break the Bank

Pool Renovation

Nothing can beat the idea of soaking in a swimming pool on a hot summer day. Just like the time, when nothing can beat the idea of basking in the sun on a cold winter afternoon! And right during the colder months, it simply becomes obvious for you to forget that you own a swimming pool that requires maintenance!

But if you have a pool renovation idea in your mind, the thought of pool maintenance can simply be avoidable. Even though most robotic pool cleaners can work maintaining your pool sparkling clean, draining the pool manually is needed in the summer. While remodeling your swimming pool would be a smart investment, this is our guide shedding lights on the five pool makeover ideas that won’t break your bank! To know more, scroll down.

Pool Renovation Ideas that Money Can Buy

A pool remodel requires a good use of both your money and effort! And if you have been planning to go for a pool makeover, you should think about it as a long-term investment. Plus, you might encounter certain situations when you see your pool is leaking or the machine system is getting aged. And how about the worn-out fixtures and surfaces there! Well, to give you a proper aid in the name of pool renovation tips, here’s presenting five best ideas to go for!

  • Going for Resurfacing

Resurfacing your swimming pool might be a safer option, especially when you have a higher budget for the pool makeover. Not only does it improve the overall look of your pool, but it also replaces the worn-out areas as well as those uneven surfaces. Gone is the time when traditional pools comprised of a plaster finish. But in case your pool features the same, you can update it by adding even stones or quartz.

  • Changing the Waterline’s Tile

A small renovation project which would give you a wonderful opportunity to get your hands on an updated look of your pool is simply by updating the tile at the waterline. Both contemporary and modern choices are there for you to pick up.

  • What about the Fan-Favorite Automation System?

With the emergence of newer technology, adding unique enhancing elements to houses has become straightforward. Plus, with the modification of technology, the pool can be added with a couple of newer gadgets! Most of these can retrofit when compared to the older swimming pools. Hence, you can always add a robotic cleaner, an automation system, or an automatic pool cover. And the best part of these designs is, these can also be run with the best use of smartphones.

  • Including the Energy-Efficient Equipment

Focusing on adding energy-efficient equipment might be a good approach while thinking about going for a pool update. A speed-variable pool pump makes the best use of lower electricity. You can consider other options, including a solar-powered feature, or filters that are energy efficient.

  • Including LED Lighting

Swimming pools, these days, also have basic floodlights or lightning in the yard. So, it would be a great idea to consider including a LED light. LED lighting would be a great idea when it comes to energy efficiency. Lighting happens to be a lower-cost method for transforming an ordinary swimming pool.

As a 21st century homeowner, you already know how exciting your swimming pool renovation would be just with the addition of the aforementioned ideas!

Image credit: Pool Renovation via Piyawat Nandeenopparit/Shutterstock