5 Characteristics Of A Well-Designed Home

Well-Designed Home

People like different things, especially when it comes to looks and aesthetics, and thereís nothing to discuss in that matter. Some would like to go crazy with colours and furniture, the others prefer to keep everything black and white and minimalistic; the rest stays somewhere in between.

However, there are some basic (or more abstract) issues that most people can all agree on. It has nothing to do with colours or the size of a house or an apartment, but if you were to ask about the characteristics of a well-designed home, many (if not all) would mention the following five.

Full of light.

Itís about both natural and man-made light Ė interior design doesnít like darkness, because if it looks nice, why would you hide it? So if itís in your power, make your windows wide and let the sun in.

If itís not, donít cover these windows that you already have with dark and heavy curtains Ė your room will seem smaller because of it and it will create a heavy and gloomy atmosphere. Thatís not cosy, nor welcoming.

Additionally, when you really donít have many windows, think about placing smaller lamps here and there in the rooms. Hanging some mirrors, especially on the walls that are opposite to the windows, should do the trick as well.


Do you worry that your house or apartment is too small to make something of it? Thatís never a problem, you just have to think outside the box. Be creative with your storage ideas Ė cute boxes or baskets that you can put on the closet or under the table or bed will not only declutter a room but also serve as a decoration.

Do you have a tv? Consider a tv unit with extra shelves or drawers that will help you organize the space around a tv thatís not usually in use. Besides, it can look really pretty. Thinking outside the box applies to all the other issues you might have with your home, not only size. Do you need more colours? Paint a bookshelf. Are you bored? Change pillowcases. The possibilities are endless when youíre creative.


Itís not themost important thing, but nobody can imagine spending their whole life (or some big part of it) in a place that they think is ugly, sad or simply not to their liking. Research shows that people are strongly influenced by their surroundings, thatís why they always crave pretty things, even when theyíre not very useful (everybody loves flowers, paintings or sculptures, though hardly anyone actually does something with them). And thereís nothing bad in it Ė you should like your home. You also should be bold achieving it. Explore new patterns, new fabrics Ė mix them if you like. Look for your style and enjoy it.


Sometimes, especially when you decorate while not actually using the place, people tend to forget about this small, but very important feature. Sooner or later, youíre going to live there and if somethingís not practical, you will notice it very soon. There are some general rules, e.g. you need enough space to walk around the room, but you will find that every person, every family has their own daily routine and their home has to be adjusted to that. There are times when the beauty or design need to be sacrificed for the sake of convenience, but itís worth it.


Thatís probably the most important thing because it is everything that makes a house yourhome. And itís great not only for you Ė even an outsider feels good coming into a house and having a feeling that it belongs to someone. So hang the photos of your family and friends on the walls, be proud about pieces of art that you or those close to you—like your children creates. Family heirlooms, souvenirs, even the smallest antiques Ė can give your interiors a unique, personalised look, and make you feel at home.

It doesnít matter how much space you own; or if you actually own it or you are just a tenant. There arenít any limits to your creativity Ė only what you will like and what will work. After all, this is the place that you come back to every day so it should make you feel good.