5 Best Smart Home Appliances for 2023

Best Smart Home Appliances

You don’t have to do all the work around the house yourself. In our age of hyper-sophisticated smart technology, you can delegate some of the work of keeping up an organized household to your appliances. From as small as a connected thermostat, to as all-encompassing as voice-activated lights, here are the five smart appliances that you shouldn’t live without.

Smart Coffee Maker

No kitchen is complete without a coffee maker – so why not make yours smart? With a smart coffee maker, you can do things like control the machine with an app, use voice control by syncing it to your voice assistant, and ensure quality control in your brews.

Rather than staying up late to make coffee the night before and set it to brew in the morning, simply load your smart coffee maker with all the coffee you’ll need for the week, and when you wake up, open the app and press brew. That way, you can leisurely get ready, make a healthy breakfast, and de-stress with your WAKA Vape on the patio while the last sips are dripping.

Motion Activated Security Cameras

In 2021, the technology publication TechRadar asked a former burglar: do smart security cameras really stop people from breaking into houses? As it turns out, smart camerasreally do add a robust layer of protection to your home.

Whether it’s a doorbell camera, a camera that activates a light in your yard, a motion-activated security camera (our personal pick!), or some combination of the three, an outdoor security camera is a must. 

If your home is filled with expensive smart appliances, that’s even more reason to protect it with a camera that keeps wannabe burglars on red alert.

Connected Thermostat

One of the biggest utility costs in the average household is energy – and thermostats have proven to be massive energy wasters. That’s why a connected thermostat is one of the best smart appliances you can get for your home.

You can control your home’s heating and cooling by voice or app. There are energy-saving features that help lower your monthly bill, and the thermostat can actually tap into local temperature tables and automatically adjust depending on the weather.

Voice-Activated Lights

How many times have you left the lights on in a room because you were just too lazy to get up and turn them off? We all do it. 

But if we had voice-activated lights, we wouldn’t have to! Installing this functionality across your home allows you to do more than just easily turn them on and off. You can change the color, adjust the brightness, and create presets for occasions like dinner time and movie night.

Robot Vacuum

The advantage of robot vacuums is not that they take care of an awful chore so that you don’t have to do it. It’s that they can get under furniture and into nooks and crannies that you may have trouble getting to yourself.

They will pick up dust, dirt, and other allergens so you can breathe easier around the house.

Get Smart

Don’t be wasteful. Get wise with these amazing smart appliances!