4 Common Challenges That Moving Companies Face


It is not a very straightforward business to run a transport or a moving company, even though it may seem like it. Once your moving company hits the road, you will realize that managing a moving company entails many unforeseen challenges that need constant attention.

When you start your own moving business, you should plan everything right down to all the potential disruptions you might experience down the road. A successful moving company will have taken all the necessary precautions to avoid any trouble on their way to success. However, sometimes even after taking all the necessary precautions, moving businesses can sometimes face unexpected challenges that may cause difficulties during a move. We will now look at 4 of the most common challenges that moving companies are likely to face.

Cash flow management

When running any business, and the moving business is no exception, it is important to have a proper understanding of your cash flows. In fact, there are certain distinct aspects of the moving business and if you are running some other type of business, you may never come across these aspects. For example, it is common for a new moving company to exit the moving industry earlier than they had planned to because of their failure to account for payment cycles. In other words, they ultimately find themselves in a situation where moves are pending but the moving business doesn’t have the cash to refuel their moving trucks. Be ready to do lots of number crunching in order to make sure that your company is ready for any costs that may arise. If you want to successfully run your moving company, we would suggest that you save a little extra from your monthly income for any unforeseen expenses as well.

Choose the right location

It is very important for a moving company to choose the right location. A lot of individuals and families are looking to relocate, or move to a new location. Take the time to research where your moving company will be offering their services and where your business will be located. It is also important to take into account the target market of your business. It is pretty simple to understand that starting a moving company where there are not a lot of people who need relocating, or companies that need to leave their current location for another, your new moving business will be bound to fail.

Team bonding

It is not uncommon to come across a moving company which is filled to the brim with talented individuals. However, they might not be able to work well together, some of the most common reasons for this is the different direction, thinking and execution of work. It is important that there is good coordination between the staff and their relationships with each other should be cultivated, nurtured, combined, and protected by the moving company. If there is no coordination between the staff, your moving company will find itself in a lot of trouble. No one wants to hire a moving company that can’t efficiently, quickly and safely complete moving jobs. You could offer training, guidance and support to the staff. However, the members of the staff will also have to put in time and effort in order to overcome this obstacle.

Maintenance and servicing

To anyone running a moving company, it should be pretty obvious that maintenance and servicing will come into play at some point in time, especially when the business is providing moving services regularly. For instance, you may find out that your moving truck which has been scheduled to move a customer’s items has suddenly come up with a dead battery. This is why a moving company should enter into contracts with companies that offer vehicle maintenance services. A maintenance company will send an expert mechanic or a technician to take a look at any potential problems with your moving trucks. It is suggested that you regularly ask them to conduct maintenance and any necessary repairs so your moving business can run smoothly.

Apart from moving trucks, you will also need to carefully take a look at your moving equipment and tools from time to time. Make sure that the tools and equipment are in good running condition. As mentioned above, you should consider saving a little extra so that you can easily cover any such costs. It is important for every business to be always prepared for all the potential challenges. When you’re in the moving business, such small challenges can prove to be big problems and could ultimately cause your moving company to exit the market. Apart from these challenges, make sure that your moving business has business insurance and all the necessary permits and licenses, such as DOT Authority. This should put your moving company in a much better position to deal with any challenges, and avoid trouble, especially lawsuits.