When you leave home for another place, the biggest reason for nostalgia is the unfamiliarity of the environment, especially when your new house is abroad. The people, places, events, etc. draw all manner of unfamiliarity and loneliness comes in. This is not illogical since your home is your pride any day. When you move abroad, not having the comfort you had at home can be demanding, hence, why you must recreate your home in your new place. This will immediately draw out the homesickness you may have felt and reassure you that home is not far.

If you really want to enjoy your stay in a new environment, there’s a need to make the environment feel like home. You should start off with finding a cozy and well-located apartment. If you choose an unsuitable place or one without so much atmosphere to breathe in, you may not be able to redesign home. Cozy places are not difficult to find if you do your research well enough, especially if you move to an incredible and homey city like Florence, with such a broad option of housing. Florence homes for rent will be, thus, a perfect choice for you.

These are some tips and tricks to make your room feel like home:

1. Food

What’s a home without food? Your favourite snacks or drinks stocked in your kitchen cabinets or refrigerator can make you feel at home. 

Get yourself recipe books, big cakes or some other snacks that always reminds you of home. For me, I make sure I stock my refrigerator with local dishes so that when I miss home, I can snack on them. Food always has its way of taking you down memory lane!

2. Décor

You may think its mere aesthetics, but it isn’t. The power of décor is defining. A simple act of changing the wall colour, or buying that artwork or classic vase can change the outlook of your living space and thus better your state of mind

It could even be as simple as cards of inspirational quotes placed around the house, or a colour theme or flag of your favourite country. Just make sure you play around with what works and resonates with you.

Another thing that works and is cheap are DIYs. You can get creative with craft blogs and make unique decors that reflect who you truly are.

3. Aroma

A perfect way to make your new house feel like home is to make it smell like home. Since I was little, I love lavender, I put it everywhere in my house, so when I moved to my new place, I made sure to feel every single corner with LAVENDER.

So, you can think back to your childhood memories and pick out smells you used to find exciting. It could be roses or like some people: chocolate or spiced candles. 

Aside from these 3 basic tips, you can also call you home friends for a quick catch up of what is going on back home. This will for sure remind you of the large family you share just a few miles.

Image Credit: Living room via photographee.eu/Shutterstock