3 Ways 4K Security Cameras Can Enhance Your Cottage Life

Cottage Life

A vacation home is a dream for many. It’s often a place where you can forget about the everyday grind and just revel in life’s simple joys in the most tranquil setting. There’s only one catch: Owning a cottage getaway is not entirely hassle free.

The upkeep alone is enough to create some stress, but what about keeping the property safe and secure when you’re not there? One increasingly popular solution to help protect vacation homes is installing a security camera system. Not only do they help deter criminal activity, but they offer peace of mind that your new abode can be monitored from wherever you are.

The following represent but a few of the features that consumers look for when they go to install a security camera system at their cottage.

1. State-of-the-Art Protection

Security camera systems have been around for quite some time, but today’s leading-edge equipment is a step above old models and offer a level of home protection that was not previously available. One critical feature, for example, is 4K recording capability. By shooting at such high resolution, the results will be an amazing picture displayed on screen.

The result is better footage that gives you — and law enforcement — a better chance of capturing the exact moment something goes wrong. A less-advanced cameras with worse resolution may not be able to grab the moment a burglar looks up at the lens. By paying attention to the specs, you’ll actually be sure to get the evidence you need.

2. Recording Capability

You also need to make sure you have enough storage space to save the recorded footage. In some instances, the cameras themselves have built-in storage, but many experts recommend setting up a network video recorder (NVR) as a central hub for the various devices you may have set up onsite.

3. Color Night Vision

In addition to monitoring the surroundings for potential thieves while the cottage sits empty, you will also want security while you there; because if wildlife or other nature sounds that go bump in the night don’t keep you up, worry over whether you can sleep safe and sound just might.

Bear in mind that CNV needs external lighting around the cameras to continue to record in color. Because cottages are usually dark at night, with no streetlights or even external house lights, the cameras will typically revert to infrared LEDs to provide long-range black and white infrared night vision in locations like this. But 4K IP cameras with infrared night vision will provide some of the sharpest and clearest black and white infrared night vision on the market.

Staying on High Alert

There are so many different benefits and features of security camera systems, but there are three things to consider right off the bat: getting the best resolution and features you can, ensuring you have the recording capacity to manage the high-res footage and getting night-vision capability so that you can capture crisp footage around the clock.

If your security camera system comes with all these features, you will have a much more secure home away from home. And that will help make sure your dream vacation cottage doesn’t end up giving you nightmares.