3 Key Tips To Choose the Right Home Ceiling Fan

Silver ceiling fan

Usually, when people buy a ceiling fan they donít change it for years. And therefore, it is important that when buying a ceiling fan one should make sure that they have all the important information thatís required to choose the right home ceiling fan. In this post, we help you do just that. For your convenience we have listed a few performance parameters/buying factors that you should know when making a fan purchase. As far as the style, price and design aspect of a ceiling fan are concerned, it differs from buyer to buyer, and therefore in this post, we will focus on the performance parameters only.

Letís get started.

1. Find Out Your Exact Room Size

The most important point to consider when buying ceiling fans for your home is the size of the rooms. Thatís because a bigger room would require a higher air delivery (CMM). And for a higher air delivery you need a fan with a bigger sweep size.

What is air delivery (CMM) and Sweep Size?

Air Delivery

CMM is a unit of air delivery. Its full form is Cubic meters per minute. The air delivery of a fan is an indicator of the volume of air a fan moves in one minute. And as we mentioned, for a fan to deliver more air the fanís sweep size should be bigger.

Sweep Size

It is the diameter of the circular area that the fan blades cover when the fan is in motion. Usually, you would find fans with sizes varying between 600mm(approx. 24 inches ) to 1400mm (approx. 56 inches ) in a typical indian household.

Why canít we install a fan with a big sweep size in a small room?

Thatís because there has to be a certain distance (around 30 inches) between the tip of the blade and the walls for a proper air delivery. It is because of this reason that smaller rooms require fans with small sweep sizes.

Room Size (in sq.ft.)ExampleRecommended Fan Size (inches)
Less than 50Small Bathrooms, Utility Rooms, Walk In24 to 36
50 – 75Bathrooms, Kitchens, Study Rooms, Single Bedrooms42 to 48
75-175Bedrooms, Dining Rooms, Living Rooms48
175-300Halls and other bigger rooms48 (2 fans)

2. Find Out the Height of your Room

The height of the room will help you determine the right down rod size.

What is a down rod?

It is a rod that connects the fan to the ceiling. Remember, for the safety of the occupants in a room, the minimum distance between the flooring and the fan blades should be around 7 feet. It’s even better if the distance is 7.5 feet as it allows optimum air dispersal.

  • For rooms with normal ceiling heights (9 feet to 10 feet) a standard down rod is sufficient.
  • For rooms with high ceilings, you would need a bigger down rod or sometimes even two. 
  • For rooms with false ceilings or low heighted ceilings, a smaller down rod  is required.

3. Check the Specifications List before you buy a fan

Every fan comes with a specifications list. This list will help you understand the key performance parameters of the fan. Some of the most important parameters listed in the specifications list are as follows

  • Fan Speed

The fan speed is mentioned in RPM (rotations per minute). Usually, fans are available in two speeds – High speed fan (350/400 RPM) and Low Speed Fans (330/340 RPM).

Note – It is not necessary that a fan with higher RPM will deliver more air flow.

  • Power Consumption

This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a fan. Go for a fan that has higher air delivery and lower power consumption. One such energy efficient fan that you can consider buying is the New York Richmond by Luminous. Itís a beautiful fan that comes with an aerodynamic design and its energy efficient feature helps consume upto 40% less energy.

  • Air Delivery

As mentioned earlier, air delivery is measured in CMM (cubic meters per minute). It depends on a lot of factors such as the fanís sweep size, distance between the blades and the ceiling, the blade tilt and many more. But you donít have to bother about all these factors as long as your fan is installed right keping the room size and the down rod size in mind.

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