13 Ideas to Upgrade the Outdated House

Outdated House

Outdated houses are out of fashion, literally. Not just updating, but also upgrading an outdated house is an investment worth the effort. There are stylish yet durable home upgrades worth considering.

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What to Consider Before a House Upgrade

Houses may be considered outdated after a decade or two since their last major fittings. But with the current pace of development in the modern world, houses could become outdated in a few years. Hence, it becomes a point of duty for homeowners to consider several factors before applying changes to their home design. These include:

  • Theme: While themes such as decorations modeled after a movie are especially nice when they go with the house in question, it is worth considering that they could go out of fashion soon. It is probably more efficient to opt for more generic and lasting themes over features that could easily fade with the season.
  • Longevity: Keeping a house up to date is not relegated to stylishness alone. It also includes eliminating damages, fades, and rot. It is essential to sport only lasting and suitable features in a house.
  • Environment: Marble finishes are more suited to humid environments compared to wood finishes due to rot, and with lighter hues going more with hotter climes due to airiness and low heat retention.

Ideas for a House Upgrade

Getting an outdated apartment up to desired standards, be it through a mild makeover or a total renovation, could be challenging. Some simplified ideas to consider are:

  • Painting: A house’s painting has a lot of influence on its overall aesthetics. While outdated houses may sport heavy or stained paint jobs, it is more common for modern apartments to go for a brighter and fresher coat of paint. In this case, a simple white or cream hue would do just fine.
  • Lighting: Lighting constitutes a significant part of home décor. Being a feature that changes with available technology, it serves as a strong indicator for an up-to-date house. LEDs are particularly popular in modern times, with their energy-saving capabilities and stylishness making them an attractive option.
  • Furniture: Replacing heavy, complex, and overly adorned furniture is a key upgrade every outdated house needs. Simplistic and minimalist furniture with geometrically optimized designs are replacements worth their weight in gold.
  • Art: Sleek canvas paintings and abstract art are trendy designs worth considering to upgrade an outdated house. They are not too heavy to impose on the other aesthetic points but are interesting enough to be noticeable regardless.
  • Kitchen Counter: A marble countertop could be a much-needed breath of fresh air for an outdated kitchen. If necessary, the wall between the kitchen and the living room could be replaced with a countertop to create a modern, airy kitchen design.
  • Flooring: Tiled floor finishing or wood flooring would be trendy options to explore for a home upgrade. They are stylistic and impressionable and go well with an array of other in-house designs.
  • Door Handles: Door handles are particularly ominous features of a house’s design. Thus, an upgrade from knobs to levers easily carries with it an air of contemporary style.
  • Shower: There are a lot of shower designs that would upgrade a house by leaps, such as marble or glass showers. A stylish and spatially efficient luxury shower idea is a shower cubicle, as it combines well with other designs and can be easily installed.
  • Porch: A porch is one of the first impressions a house makes on anyone. A tiled, stylishly lit, brightly hued, and elegantly furnished porch design is an influential transition from the old to the new.
  • Windows: Windows not only offer a glimpse into an apartment’s aesthetic but also carry a separate appeal. An idea that reflects the times is a full glass picture window design because it is airy and it offers a lot of light.
  • Ceiling: False ceiling designs are great for an upgrade. They make a room look larger and more beautiful, especially with simple light décor.
  • Curtains: Having a plain or mildly designed curtain set to match the windows is a hallmark of an upgraded house. Linen curtains are a particularly great idea for a light and elegant outlook.
  • Wardrobe: The idea of a wardrobe with laminate finishing and sliding doors proves to be space efficient and stylishly simplistic, making it a prime candidate for an upgrade to an old house.


When it comes to upgrading an old house, “simple”, “light”, and “space” come to mind. Thus, ideas should focus on mild and bright designs, as well as creating space by decluttering. Overall, the nature of these ideas adds value to the now updated house, a value that is sure to last a long time.