10 Apartment Living Tips For City Dwellers

If you’re a city dweller, check out your apartment space before you move in. Simple steps like learning how to personalize your home will instantly transform any apartment, regardless of the size. Add in a regular cleaning schedule, and you’ll be settled in before you know it. Once you develop these specific tools and routines, you’ll be able to make the most of your apartment and the most of your neighborhood.

Make the space your own.

Once you choose an apartment, consider how you want the space to look when you move in. Do you want a throw rug for the living room? Do you need a new bed frame, or can you keep the one you already have? Bring a measuring tape to your apartment to get an accurate idea of what furniture will fit in which rooms. This helps you determine whether you need to add or subtract items before you complete the arduous process of moving.

While the tape measure is out, take notes regarding art options for your home. Figure out where you want certain pieces to hang on the wall and where to place any nails to ensure you aren’t causing unnecessary damage. For bedroom wall art, like canvas, order prints for your new space from a company like Shutterfly. Print photos from a beloved family occasion or create poster-sized renditions of some of the best places you’ve visited. Whatever you choose, select the correct size prints for your space. If you have extra room in the bedroom, opt for a larger print size. If your living room is condensed, print smaller wall art that takes up less space.

To round out your new bedroom makeover, take a look at your existing mattress to see if it’s time for an upgrade. Whether you’ve had it for too long or you simply want something new, purchase a replacement mattress before you move into your apartment. This helps you avoid the frustration of lugging one mattress to the apartment just to swap it out in a few months. Stearns and Foster mattresses are reliable and comfortable, plus they’re available in a variety of options. Do you like a firm mattress? They have that. Do you prefer a softer mattress to help you sleep more soundly? They have that, too. Select the size that best fits in your new bed, and you’re good to go for years to come.


Clean regularly.

A clean home is a happy home. Creating a clutter-free atmosphere allows you to unwind and enjoy your time off when you’re settling in for the evening. Alternate which days you clean which rooms, as this ensures everything is cleaned regularly, but you don’t have to worry about getting everything done at once.

If you’re simply too busy for daily cleaning, never be afraid to ask for help. Outdoor areas may become difficult to maintain with regularity if you’re occupied with other tasks. Instead of sacrificing this space to the clutter gods, recruit a specialty cleaner to address your needs. If your dog uses the bathroom in your yard, contact a company like the Scoop Troop to help clean this area. Conduct a basic search with the terms, “dog poop pickup grove village il” to see when the Scoop Troop can come by to remove the waste from your yard. You and your dog will both be thankful for this service.

Use your resources.

When you’re searching for a new apartment, or you’re simply trying to acclimate to a different neighborhood, use the resources around you to help in the process. Partnering with a realty office is a great way to ensure you get everything you want within your target price point. Venterra Realty, a management company out of Austin, Texas, acts as a multi-dimensional resource for new apartment dwellers.

Not only can they help you find somewhere to live in your preferred neighborhood, but they can help you settle into your surroundings with ease. By fostering a sense of community, Venterra Realty places the person first, which is a reassuring feeling if you’re changing cities, or if you’re looking at different apartment communities and are unsure of which is the right fit for you. Use resources like Venterra throughout the apartment hunting and moving process to put yourself in a better position to flourish.

Simplify your lifestyle.

Before you move into the city, look through your belongings to see what items you really want to keep and what items you can do without. This is especially beneficial if you have limited space. Don’t clutter your apartment with knick-knacks or clothing you no longer need—donate everything in advance to better simplify your lifestyle and your home. Only bring items with you that are meaningful and will enhance your space and reflect your design preferences. Plus, the less you have, the less you have to pack, move, and unpack when you get the keys to your apartment.


Get out, and get moving.

You need to get out of the house and explore your neighborhood to see what the area has to offer. Check out local coffee shops, stores, and grocers to see what you like and to establish connections with people you meet along the way. This helps you discover preferences and get a feel for what your neighborhood has to offer. This is especially helpful if you have kids and want to find safe areas for them to play with other children. Look for nearby parks, museums, and other areas of entertainment to give yourself and your children something to do during each day off.

Utilize free space.

When you live in an apartment in the city, space is often limited. To combat reduced square footage, utilize each area of free space as creatively as possible. Purchase under-bed storage for your bedroom, and place folded clothes, books, magazines, and any other items in these bins before simply sliding them out of sight. For the living room, purchase an ottoman that opens for additional storage, as this gives you a space to store remotes and other items. Add shelving and trays to bathrooms and kitchens to give you more room to display items without creating clutter in the process.


Create a budget.

Finances are important. Create a budget in advance to determine how much you can afford to spend on rent and utilities each month before settling on an apartment in the city. Factor in all outstanding payments you make per month to get an accurate idea of what your budget should be. Include your phone bill, gym membership, grocery bill, medications, streaming services, and anything else you pay regularly. Then, create a budget for how much frivolous spending you can accommodate to ensure you’re managing your finances properly.

Learn public transportation routes.

Want to get around the city without worrying about a car? Look into public transportation! Depending on your city, you’ll likely have access to numerous options including nearby bus routes, train stations, trolleys, and more. Most cities offer discounted monthly passes for public transportation, which is a great investment if you plan to travel back and forth for work and other activities. Public transportation is safe and reliable, plus it helps you learn the area quicker.

Report any issues.

If you encounter any issues in your apartment, be sure to report them to your landlord right away. Whether you’re having difficulty with the electricity, the heating, or there’s a leak in the bathroom, each of these must be addressed as soon as they happen. Contact whoever is in control of your building to report the issue and provide as many details as possible.

As a renter, you’re entitled to certain rights, which must be met to ensure the safety of your home at all times. Never hesitate to report an issue to your landlord, or if you’re having problems with your landlord, contact the housing authorities in your city directly.

Embrace your community.

If you’re moving to the city by yourself, embracing your community is beneficial for your mental health because it connects you to the people around you. Volunteer at a local food shelter, grab your morning coffee from a local cafe and strike up a conversation with the barista, or take a stroll through the library to see what you find. Keep an eye out for a calendar of events held in your community to see if there’s anything you’d like to join or participate in. The more you embrace your community, the more it’ll embrace you back.

Moving to a new city can certainly be intimidating, but with the right preparation, you can make your transition go as smoothly as possible