Yoga Tips for Busy Moms

yoga for moms

It doesnít matter whether you are a new mom, or you have an almost grown child; there is one fact that doesnít change. Times are busy when youíre a mom and it can be hard to find the time you need to have some quality time with another important person Ė yourself. There is always something that needs to be done or somewhere that your kids have to go.

There are school field trips, fundraisers, volunteers required or after-school activities that extend into your weekend. Being a mom is hard work, but the product can be beautiful as you watch your children grow into themselves and become their own person. Itís during these times of struggles that you want something that will allow you to reconnect with yourself as a woman; not just a mother.

Yoga is something that could encourage this connection between yourself and your soul, but it can be hard to find the time to complete a yoga routine. Have no fear! Today we are going to be breaking down some yoga tips for busy moms Ė tips to help you do yoga on the go, how to carve out time for yourself and how yoga can encourage both physical and mental health.

Ways to Cement your Yoga Routine

To truly achieve at your yoga routine, consider the best time of day for you to complete the moves. Is it in the morning before your children wake up while you are cooking breakfast? Is it in the middle of the day while they are at school? Perhaps itís in the evenings after you have put the kids to bed, and you are ready to go lay on the couch and catch up on your favorite television programs. Basically, choose a time that works for you and will make your yoga seem less like a workout and more like a part of your daily routine.

Install an essential oil diffuser somewhere in the house where you plan to practice your yoga moves. Certain essential oils can infuse the air with an energizing scent and others can infuse it with a natural, clean scent for relaxing. Research the best ones for the feelings you want invoked and place it in an area that small, inquiring hands canít reach. Another bonus of an essential oil diffuser? They help with your household chores as they removes odors.

Be flexible and be proud of yourself for attempting, along with establishing, a yoga routine. So what if you miss a day? Just take positive steps to not miss two days in a row. Pat yourself on the pat for taking a positive step in actively managing both your physical and mental health. Canít get the move right? No worries, simply keep practicing until one day Ė you realize that the movements are second nature.

Simple Moves for the Busy Mom

You are a mom on the go which is completely understandable but that doesnít mean your physical health has to suffer along with your mental health. Consider incorporating some simple yoga moves into your daily routine that could be done while standing at the stove waiting for the pot of water to boil or while waiting for the washing machine to complete its last spin before transferring the clothes over the dryer.

  • Standing-Forward Bend: stand straight on the floor while keeping your legs together and arms by your sides. Reach your arms up over your head while inhaling and on the exhale, move your arms towards the floor. Soften your knees to make this move easier and bend your torso from the hips. If you can place your hands on the floor, great; hold it for about a minute and revert back to a standing position. If not, then hold the pose to the most comfortable position for about a minute then revert back to a standing position.
  • Cat Pose: get on the floor on your hands and knees while keeping your back straight. Ensure that your hips are lined up with your knees and your hands are directly under your shoulders. On your exhale, lower your belly to the floor while raising your chin to the ceiling. Hold for approximately 30 to 60 seconds and then exhale while rounding your back up to the ceiling. Move your chin to your chest and hold for approximately 30 to 60 seconds.


Just because you are a mom doesnít mean you donít have to take time for yourself once in a while. Having these little moments away from your children allow you to reconnect with yourself and also get a workout in to shed those last few remaining baby pounds! With a solid routine down pat, the drive to get the workout done and the gumption to get up and move; you could be on your way to yoga heaven in no time!

Yoga is one of the most challenging and rewarding exercises on the planet, as it will increase your core strength while trimming all those areas you want trimmed. Your energy levels will boost, and your mental health will thank you as you gain new focusing skills. Want to really give your yoga routine an extra boost? Then consider adding some meditation into the mix to truly reconnect with the inner goddess that is super-mom!

Image credit: Yoga for moms via Patrick Foto/Shutterstock