Yoga For Beginners: The Most Important Tips For Getting Started

Yoga For Beginners

Looking down dog, cat, cow, cobra, crow… these are not just any animals, but also the most famous yoga exercises. The problem is that many people don’t know where to start. No matter whether man or woman, young or old, you can start with yoga. Mostly the thoughts circle around the same questions. As a yoga beginner, you have clarified the most important questions at a glance.

Yoga has been an absolute trend sport for years. The goal of yoga is to connect the body with the inner self and the entire cosmos. In this way, the individual potential of the yogi and yogini is to be unfolded. The postures, called asanas, are tools to achieve this goal. In addition to the asanas, meditation and the chanting of mantras also serve to achieve mental harmony as other activities, such as gambling in a best online casino.


Actually, anyone can start doing yoga, no matter what gender or age or physical constitution you are in. Those who practice regularly will find that back pain, for example, improves. You generally feel more balanced and fit and don’t get upset as easily. Yoga has a holistic approach (body, mind and soul). Those who have less pain are more balanced and less easily irritated. And those who are more balanced also have a more open and friendly aura.

Yoga is incredibly adaptable. Even with temporary injuries, yoga can be done. I’ve even heard of people who are permanently in wheelchairs or whose bed has become the centre of their lives doing yoga and benefiting from it. Yoga exercises should generally be tailored to the individual’s situation and daily form. So, there is no excuse for not practicing or trying yoga.

Yoga is not primarily about becoming more flexible, that is just an extremely pleasant side effect. Yoga exercises are primarily for healing, maintaining health and vitality. In everyday life, we build up a number of tensions due to bad postures and overloads. The goal is to release these tensions. The only thing you need for yoga is time and your own breath, the rest comes naturally.


The more often you practice, the more you benefit. However, always adjust to the current energy level. If you are too ambitious and dogged, you will not benefit, rather the opposite. Always practice disciplined but always with patience. Practicing every day for 10 minutes is better than only once a week. Try what works best for you. Listen to your body.

The beauty of yoga is that you can do it every day. It doesn’t have to be super strenuous power yoga. A little meditation and a few sun salutations are a perfect start to the day – or a cosy end to the evening. The important thing is to find a good balance.


Yes, yoga can harm, always if you overdo it. The highest form of yoga is personal responsibility! If your body is not yet as flexible as your yoga teacher’s or your mat neighbours’, don’t force yourself into the posture, because that’s when you can get hurt. Stay with yourself, give your best but no more. Play with your personal limit. Breathe into the stretch and maybe you can go a little deeper into the posture with the exhalation. As soon as you feel pain or the breath changes, take a break.


No. There are specific yoga class offerings for every age and respective mental & physical abilities these days. I am very happy to have some ladies in my yoga classes who are already over 70 and getting fitter by the week. The yoga exercises are adapted with aids such as a block, strap, or blanket to fit physical abilities and specific needs, e.g., yoga on a chair.


To begin with, you don’t need special clothing for yoga. Most yoga fans like to wear leggings and a tight-fitting top. Others prefer more loose-fitting harem pants or loose tunics.

The only requirement should be that the clothing provides enough room for movement and wide lunges and does not interfere with overhead poses. Pinching bras or cutting pants only distract unnecessarily. Feel-good clothing should be worn in any case.

Pinching bras or cutting pants only distract unnecessarily. Feel-good clothing should be worn in any case. Of course, if you want to practice yoga at home or regularly in the studio, you should also definitely buy a yoga mat. 


Those who have never practised yoga often have inhibitions about taking the first step. Yoga is all about mindfulness with yourself and your own body. That’s why it’s important to be mindful at the moment. So, you don’t need to compare yourself with other people or think about different achievements. 

The right mindset is crucial here: yoga should not be squeezed into your schedule like a few fitness exercises, but you should allow enough time before and after to fully engage and let the practice sink in. Respect your body and only put it through as much as you can on that day. Sometimes it works better, sometimes worse, but yoga will make your days better.