7 Workout “Rules” You Can Totally Ignore

After conquering a solid workout, that great feeling of achievement you get is pretty special. However, at times despite labouring so hard while exercising, you may fail to see the results that you so much yearn for. The absolute truth as far as making fitness progress is concerned is that you have to work out, of course a bit regularly, and observe a healthy balanced diet. While at it, you could make the achievement of your fitness goals faster and more efficient by throwing in some steroids like Winstrol pills into the plan.

If you are not getting your expected results even after exercising so intensely, it could be that you are doing so while following some false advice or information. To achieve the results you may need to alter your mindset. Below are some workout “rules” you should ignore and you will see some positive change:

  1. Eating before a morning workout is a big ‘no’

The truth is that your body needs the energy to power it through the workouts. The misconception is that the body breaks down more fat when you exercise on an empty belly. The correct position is that you should take a breakfast of carbs and proteins to ensure your body has sufficient fuel for the workout.

  1. Perform only one type of workout throughout

The notion is untrue since there are several ways to achieve your desired results. According to Adam Rosante, a wellness and fitness expert, changing your routine is one of the best things to do when working towards building muscles. He adds that the body is efficient at adapting to change like increasing from 3 sets of 10 reps to a higher figure will bring great results.

  1. Never do anything with the semblance of a workout on your rest day

Rest days are useful in keeping fit since they allow the body time to recover and allow for repair of muscles. Each person describes rest day differently, but it should not mean you spend the whole day on the couch. You may do light activities like walking, foam rolling to enable relaxation and restorative yoga.

  1. Doing very many miles on the treadmill is the best ways to torch calories

Cardio exercises are important especially when training for an endurance event. However, for muscle development and burning fat, circuit routines (fast-paced ones) that comprise lifting and body weight exercises are very effective. Although cardio can break down more calories per minute, weightlifting can result in more calories combustion in total as it causes afterburn, implying you will go on burning calories even many hours after completing your workout.

  1. Your knees should never go past your toes in a squat

One fitness expert, Holly Perkins, observes that paying attention to this rule may affect your form in a negative way. He adds that it is necessary to go a bit past the toes when doing squats and have got to the bottom of the squat. The crucial thing is to make sure your knees do not extend a big distance forward hence exerting undue pressure on them, but to ensure there is an insignificant range that is acceptable. The key is to shift attention from knees, and concentrate on moving your butt, maintaining your weight in your heels throughout the process.

  1. You must get sore after a workout

The reality is that soreness is not a proof you achieved the results. Post workout soreness may come from different things such as the type of activity you are undertaking and the quality of your restorative or recovery process. It is expected that if you are not getting the results you yearn for you may push yourself hard to the next level but you should not go to the extreme of inflicting so much pain on yourself.

  1. You should never workout at night

It is true that working out gives you more energy but that does not imply you will not be able to sleep. If working at night is what suits you and appeals to you go for it.

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