Withings: Latest Smart Scale for Nerve & Artery Health Checks

Withings has a few nifty ideas regarding smart scales, and for IFA 2022, it’s announced the Body Comp. The Body Comp stands out because it can evaluate the health of your arteries and nerves in addition to “normal” body formatting.

Withings also presents a new Health Plus coaching service alongside the scale to allow users to meet their objectives.

Smart scales like the Body Comp use BIA to send a weak current through your body to decide how much muscle, water, bone, and fat you carry. What’s untried here is users can set their vascular age, visceral fat, and nerve fitness from a single device. Visceral fat directs to the lubricant that softens your organs.

It influences the hormones in your body, and too much can mess with your metabolism and heart health. The vascular age metric is based on pulse wave velocity, or how quickly pressure waves move through a blood vessel. It indicates how stiff a person’s arteries are and whether that’s appropriate for their age. People whose vascular age is older than their actual chronological age may have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular issues.

Visceral fat and vascular age aren’t new for Withings scales, but nerve health is. Withings teased the metric earlier at CES 2022 when it announced its Body Scan scale. However, the Body Comp is the first Withings scale to use the feature. It works by stimulating your feet’s sweat glands. According to Withings, low activity may indicate that tiny nerve fibers degenerate.

Metrics are swell, but a boatload of information isn’t helpful without context or advice — which is why Withings’ new Health Plus service displays intriguing. Health Plus purportedly opens further details and metrics and offers behavioral changes users can take to enhance their health.

For instance, you can check your food, perspective, and sleep and write notes about events that may have impacted a detailed reading. It also gives users daily plans, recommended workouts, and recipes. In addition, users can access six-week modules designed to enhance activity, sleep, stress management, and nutrition. On top of that, the service forges weekly reports that doctors can share.

Of course, services manage to come with subscriptions, which is no exception. For example, the Health Plus service will only be open if you purchase the Body Comp scale. The scale’s $209.95 cost also includes a 12-month subscription. After that initial year, Withings spokesperson Emmanuel Abreu told that renewing a Health Plus subscription would cost $79.95 per year. Abreu also said that Health Plus would also be available on the Body Scan when it launches and will roll out to other compatible devices in the future.

The Body Comp scale will be available on October 4th from Withings’ website. Withings manufactures smartwatches and fitness trackers, including the Activité, an activity tracking watch that was the first smartwatch to resemble a traditional wristwatch. It has no switches and is controlled by a phone app, consistent with iPhone and Android. It can automatically track the user’s sleep, swimming, walking, and running. It also incorporates heart rate, weight, and body mass data from Withings’ wireless rankings, like the Smart Body Analyzer.

The company also manufactures Activité Steel, made of stainless steel with chrome hands and a silicone strap. Other models keep the Activité Sapphire and the Activité Pop. The user of Activité is Ex-French president François Hollande.

Withings formed selling its Pulse O2 in the summer of 2013. The product was elevated in 2014 to include additional elements like the pulse oximetry measurement (SPO2) and the wear-it-your-way form factor, and the title was changed to Ox. In addition, the Pulse includes a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and blood oxygen reader and can connect to other Withings devices like the Smart Body Analyzer scales and blood pressure monitor.

The Pulse is the only device that does reflexive measurement, so users do not need to clip their finger for the SPO2 size. Withings Go was unleashed in 2016 and is an activity tracker that can be cut or hung on belts or modeled on the wrist with a silicone strap.

Withings’ first creation since being bought by Carreel in 2019 is the Steel HR Sport smartwatch, a fitness tracker having the appearance of a watch. It is a hybrid and delivers heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, and fitness level analytics, including oxygen intake sensors. It is the original Withings product to provide fitness level assessments. It is an entry-level smartwatch with an ECG version with embedded electrocardiogram tracking.

In 2009, Withings unleashed a WiFi Body Scale, the first connected body scale. It measures weight and fat mass, sends data to the user’s app over WiFi, and connects to platforms such as Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault and diet and exercise sites such as DailyBurn.

It also delivered the Withings Smart Body Analyzer, a smart scale that calculates weight, body mass index, and fat mass. The rankings received media awareness when magician Penn Jillette, having lost about 120 pounds in four months to keep his health, attributed his triumph to a rigorous regimen and the Withings smart scale.

Withings Thermo is a temporal artery thermometer that uses a 16-sensor array to deliver fast and accurate temperature readings. The thermometer displays the temperature, storing data to be analyzed and presented in the accompanying app. Its WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity allow smartphone users to log readings and other information, such as symptoms and medication. The device stores profiles of several people and lasts on two batteries for about two years. Thermo won two 2016 CES Innovation Awards.

Withings has a mobile application called Health Mate that connects many devices and shows activity and sleep trends over time in graphs. The app also tracks weight, heart rate, blood pressure, and more if the user enters the data or owns a Withings smart scale or blood pressure monitor. In addition, health Mate can be integrated with Apple Watch.

In 2019, Withings launched a line of business-to-business products for healthcare professionals. Withings Med Pro Data allows third parties like healthcare providers to collect data from Withings’ products. In addition, Withings Med Pro Care is used to track the wellness of patients by healthcare providers.

Withings also produces Aura, an intelligent alarm clock with sensors, which has sleep programs to help induce sleep and light and sound programs to wake the user gently. In addition, Withings previously produced a home monitoring system known as Withings Home, a product they later canceled.

Withings has an in-house research body, dedicated to accelerating the connected health revolution through in-house research and academic partnerships. Using real-time data, it tracks the extent to which key risk factors for heart disease are linked to lifestyles, such as sedentary behavior, overweight and obesity, and high blood pressure, and what steps can be taken to reduce risks. The Institute has published several research papers on various topics, and Withings products have been involved in numerous clinical trials.