WHY You Should Not Buy CBD From Holland and Barret?

The purchase trends of CBD oil in Ireland have been soaring in the recent past as Ireland made it into the list of countries that have legalized it. In a world where a major chunk of the population is living either unhealthy conditions or unhealthy lifestyles, relying solely on allopathic pharma drugs was becoming difficult. Either the bacteria are getting immune to the antibiotics and many other drugs and vaccines, or the medicinal compounds carry the risk of leaving behind other side effects. That explains why most people including researchers are exploring alternative medicine for quite some time and CBD has been one breakthrough. 

The consumption and legitimacy of CBD have been under debate for a long time since it is primarily a compound derived from the cannabis plant. However, extensive studies have proven the health benefits of Hemp, which is why the Hemp oil or compounds with THC levels under 0.3% have been legitimized. At the end of the day, we live in a capitalistic society and consequently, many herbalists and drug manufacturers tried cashing on the CBD rage. Since researches claimed various health benefits ranging from cosmetic benefits to problems such as arthritis pain and even cancer and heart-related issues, more consumers ventured into the CBD market.  

One of the biggest names that emerged in the recent past was a high street Dutch brand Holland and Barret. The brand is known for selling high-end medicinal compounds and launched its line of Jacob Hooey CBD+ oil. If you do a quick search on Google you will be impressed by all the glorified reviews on the top. However, if you dig a little deeper the picture does not come out to be as impressive as the company claims to be. Here are a few reasons why you should not be buying your stock from Holland and Barret.

Vague Information

When you are purchasing any product, especially something that has medicinal value, the package must have every possible detail about the product and the formula. This is something you will find with almost all good and reputed Hemp oil sellers. The product’s package will have all the information regarding the composition, formula, dosage, and the purpose it is meant for. Unfortunately, this is something that Jacob Hooey’s product lacks severely. Although their website is full of extensive claims, when you get the bottle, it only leaves you in confusion regarding how to use it. CBD is not a generic product and different compositions are formulated to target different problems. It is important you know exactly what you are buying and if it is the right purchase, something that is difficult to crack with Holland and Barret.

Misleading Information

As if vague and confusing information was not enough, recently the brand has also been facing allegations of providing misleading information. If you scan through the company’s side and the primary information shared on the packaging, you will be impressed with the glorified claims about how perfect their formula is compared to other counterparts. The company claims to have a perfect 2.7% and 5% CBD products without any explanation on what exactly do they mean by those percentages. As per the researches, the ideal recommended CBD percentage for the product to meet the results ranges between 20% – 50%. If the product has a maximum potency of 5% it is way below the required potency. Most genuine users will tell you how the brand’s product showed little or no results for them.

Lack of Genuine Feedback

While cyberspace claims to have made our lives easier, it also is driven by market forces. Just like the physical markets digital markets also use extensive promotional methods and digital influencers and paid reviews are one unfortunate fact. Brands like Holland and Barret invest heavily in maintaining their digital rankings and therefore newbies often get confused and believe them for being a reliable product, which is not always true.