Why do I get hormonal acne?

hormonal acne

Just before a special event or a vacation, acne always comes knocking on our door! Those painful, unpleasant and pesky little bumps highlight all the photographs that you were supposed to upload on Instagram. As an adult, you wonder, why did you get stuck with your acne even though you grew out of your teenage years.

Well, there is a sad and bitter reality behind your situation and it’s hormonal acne. Hormonal acne are usually seen in adult women from 20-40 years. But they are not your usual pimples. It is connected to your hormones, are especially seen when there’s a fluctuation of estrogen and progesterone. These two hormones vary throughout your menstrual cycle period.

Here are some pointers to determine if you’re facing hormonal acne:

·      If you’re not a teenager anymore. Hormonal acne is mainly seen after the age of 20 as for women most hormones are proactive during this period.

·      If you have pimples or inflamed cysts in your chin and jawline area, sadly they’re not pimples. They are in fact hormonal acne. These areas of your face produce a lot of oil which ends up clogging your pores giving rise to acne.

·      If your acne waves hello once a month just like your menstrual cycle, then they are hormonal acne.

·      Stress is also one of the major reasons behind hormonal acne.

·      Blackheads and whiteheads covering your face can increase the risk of having hormonal acne.

Some of the most common problems we usually hear about acne are ‘NOTHING HAS WORKED’, ‘I feel uncomfortable while talking to people and even while going out’, ‘I seem to look at every food now and ask myself, will this cause me to break out?’, ‘Since high school, the acne has gotten even worse. It’s so painful it hurts to wash my face and apply makeup which I will not leave the house without’, ‘I am 30 years old and never had severe acne till I turned 25. It is so bad that I hate to go out in public’, ‘the products that I’ve used to get rid of my acne from pharmacy and drugstores only made it worse’ etc.

 If you relate to any of these situations above, it’s definitely time to take action.

How to overcome hormonal acne?

Hormonal acne or any kind of acne results in frustration, hopelessness, lowers down your confidence level and what not. ‘Don’t you wash your face?’, ‘you should stop using makeup’, ‘maybe you should change your pillowcases everyday’, all these critical remarks that you have to listen everyday makes you feel miserable about yourself. From trying out different skincare products to visiting every dertmatologist in town, spending thousands of dollars, changing your diet and lifestyle nothing can help you more than Averr Aglow products. So, before you start experimenting with your acne, try out our products. Do not panic or stress, we’ve got your back!

Natural ingredients

Herbal methods and medicines are your solutions to hormonal acne. If you’ve tried everything else you won’t mind trying this too, right? All the products are made from over 40 natural plants and mineral ingredients. These ingredients will work together to clear up breakouts by killing bad bacteria, promoting good bacteria and nourishing your skin with nutrients. So, this will perfectly suit your skin, be it dry, oily or even sensitive. This is also safe for pregnant women.

People having a hard time with hormonal acne always think that only bad bacteria are responsible for causing acne. But you also need to make sure that you exfoliate daily, your skincare products kill bad bacteria and control the natural oil production of your skin, which you’ll find in these natural products. These products are also perfectly packaged and you’ll see the best results in a few weeks.

Acne is normal and happens to almost all of us now and then. However, it’s a problem that has reliable solutions. It’s time for you to choose healthier beauty products with clean ingredients that will not only solve your acne problems but will also assure you a clear, glowing skin to gain back your confidence. So, instead of feeling low about your skin try to overcome your confidence, say goodbye to hormonal acne and hello to your skin’s new best friend.

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