Why an aircastcryo cuff is a good idea for treatment post-surgery on joints like ankles and knees


Recovering from surgery can be a long and arduous road for many people.

After all, surgery can be a major shock to the body and can lead to the need for months of rehab and care.

While many doctors prescribe medication for people who just had surgery, one other thing that people can do to greatly increase their rehab and reduce their pain is to use an aircastcryo cuff.

Aircastcryo cuffs are specially made cold therapy units that allow someone who is recovering from surgery to comfortably and safely treat the area. See more why an aircastcryo cuff is a good idea for treatment post-surgery on joints like ankles and knees.

The benefits of using a cryo cuff for post-surgery

So what are the benefits of using a cryo cuff while you are recovering from surgery? It likely will not surprise you to learn that there are quite a few!

Largely, the point of using a cryo cuff is to cool down the area that is recovering from the surgery. While you could of course just use an ice pack, the benefit of the cryo cuff is that it offers a well-regulated temperature and doesn’t force the user to continuously get up and down to replace and re-cool their ice pack.

Beyond that, the benefits of using a cryo cuff for post-surgery includes:

  • A very little amount of ice is needed, meaning that you will not have to constantly be refilling your ice tray. It also means that you will not have to worry about running out if your surgically repaired knee, ankle, or other parts of the body is feeling pain.
  • Cryo cuffs make it so that you rarely have to get up from your seat, reducing the risk of slipping, reaggravating, or even reinjuring the surgically repaired body part.
  • They are incredibly easy to clean and come with virtually no mess.
  • There are zero risks of water or chemical leakage, which of course cannot be said for ice packs or chemical cooler packs.
  • The houses of the units are detachable, meaning that the person using it can easily keep icing and move around their home at the same time.

Are cryo cuffs really necessary?

Now that you know what cryo cuffs offer people who have just started to recover from a surgical operation, you might be asking yourself if they are truly necessary. After all, there is no doubt that a simple ice pack is a lot cheaper than a cryo cuff unit.

The simple answer to this question is yes! Cryo cuff units may be more expensive than an ice pack, but they are quite affordable. Some of the best units on the market cost just about $100. That expense will make your recovery from surgery easier, safer, and a lot more pleasant. After all that a person goes through before, during, and after surgery, getting a cryo cuff to improve the quality and experience of the recovery seems like a purchase that is very well worth making.