Where Can I Buy Cheap But Good Cannabis Seeds in the USA?

Good Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis is gradually coming out of the ban around the world. In Germany, England, France, Italy, Argentina, Australia, and some other countries in Europe, America, and Africa, you can use it for medical purposes. In the Netherlands, Spain, Georgia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and a number of other countries, there is no criminal punishment for the use of marijuana for personal purposes in non-public places.

In the United States, the use of cannabis is federally prohibited. But 38 states have legalized its use for medical purposes and 18 states – for personal use. As a result, the size of the legal cannabis market is estimated at $28 billion. Today, you can also freely purchase hemp seeds even in the states with the cannabis ban. We recommend you to check out the coupons for seed discounts online, and use them to buy TheSeedFair’s feminized seeds. However, there is still a question of where exactly to buy them. Let’s figure it out.

Shops, dispensaries, online stores

In the USA, there is a State Bureau of Cannabis Control that issues licenses to weed sellers. The bureau, in particular, tells people that pregnant and lactating women, as well as young people, should not use marijuana. In California, approximately 2,500 legal entities are authorized to grow, process, supply, test, or sell weed and its derivatives. Approximately 85% of cities and counties in California do not allow marijuana to be sold without a prescription. For example, only six of San Diego’s nine neighborhoods have licensed stores.

A typical store where you can buy marijuana looks no different from any other retail store, except for the sign. The visitors are usually met by extremely polite, but armed guards. They check the customers, and sometimes even control the queue. Before you get into the store, you must show an identity card in a separate window. So the buyer’s data gets into a special database. The queue is divided into two: for those who want to buy weed for fun, and for those who have been prescribed cannabis by a doctor. People in both lines are no different. The staff in the stores is as polite and helpful as required by the rules of American trade: they will help, pick up what you need, and joke.

You can also buy canna products online on the websites of trustworthy brands. To be sure of the quality of the products, we recommend checking the availability of the license for selling cannabis. If there is no license available – we cannot recommend such stores.

Do I need a recipe to buy marijuana?

Medical marijuana has been legal in California since the mid-1990s. California became the first US state to vote in favor of such a decision. Marijuana is now legal for medical use in 38 US states. Former Facebook President Sean Parker donated $8.6 million to the campaign in support of the law that hemp could be sold even without a prescription. The bill was supported by Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders and Republican Senator Dana Rohrabaker. Supporters of the law raised more than $25 million for the campaign, while opponents managed to raise just over $2 million.

In November 2016, in a state referendum (57% in favor), it was decided that anyone over the age of 21 can grow up to six cannabis plants, regardless of size, and buy weed from licensed shops. But it is necessary to grow in such a way that the plants are not visible from the street. To date, there are 12 such states out of 50. You can store up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of a concentrated product in California, but you can’t show up with them in schools, kindergartens, or other places for children.

Can I sell marijuana?

You need a license to sell marijuana. Sometimes a state license is enough, sometimes a city license is also needed. The license prohibits the creation of a large business for five years in order to prevent the rapid growth of monopolies. The fine for selling canna without a license is around $500 or/and six months in jail.

Shops should be located approximately 200 meters from schools and similar establishments, no closer. Counties and municipalities have the right to prohibit the opening of such stores. Local authorities may also regulate personal cannabis cultivation and storage limits. You can smoke at home, not on the streets, but locals say that if you go to a quiet park, there will be no problems with cops. For example, as proof of this, in noisy areas of the Californian city of San Diego, there is often a characteristic smell.

It is also impossible to transport weed across the border because the border is controlled by the federal government, which is against legalization. For the same reason, banks cannot deal with weed sellers, because of this, the market is dominated by cash. More than 70% of California counties have banned the sale or cultivation of marijuana or both. Anyway, you can legally buy hemp seeds and cultivate them at home. You already know the places where to do it legally.