When You Should Seek Professional Care for Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain is no joke.  Not only can this type of pain severely drain your quality of life, but it can also be embarrassing to talk about because people assume it comes with age.  Unfortunately, some back pain can be a large enough problem that you have to seek medical help, and it’s important to know the right time to do that.

Here’s when to contact your doctor about your back: don’t wait longer than any of these symptoms.

The Pain Is Ongoing for More Than A Week

If you’ve had constant pains, spasms, or sharp stabbing feelings for the last week and they haven’t weakened or subsided, it’s time to talk to your doctor.  This may not be a pulled muscle and could be something dangerous to your health that will only worsen the longer you put it off.  Try to talk to a doctor as soon as possible if you notice this problem lasting for this long.

It’s Impacting Your Ability To Do Your Job

Is work becoming increasingly difficult?  Whether you sit at a desk for forty hours a week or you work in a workhouse moving heavy loads, our backs can be worn down by a combination of posture and repetitive motions.  If you’re noticing that working is becoming more difficult, and you leave work feeling far more pain than you arrived in, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor soon.

You’re Entirely Immobile at Least Once A Week

This happens to everyone at least once in their life.  We reach up to a high shelf or lean down to get something, and something pulls in our back so that we immediately have to lay on the ground.  We may not be able to move or flatten out, and often we have to wait for the pain to subside.  This shouldn’t happen more than once a year at most. However, if this occurs once a month or once a week, it’s time to talk to a medical professional about looking at your back.

You Find Yourself Changing How You Move To Avoid Pain

We all have a natural pattern of how we go through our daily lives.  Do you notice yourself changing how you walk, which side you carry a bag on, or which activities you do because of your back pain?  Is it impacting your love life or hindering how much you can play with your kids or pets?  If so, this is ruining your quality of life, and it needs to be looked at.  Changing your behavior to lessen the pain can be a great coping mechanism, but it won’t solve the root of the problem.

You’re Taking More Painkillers, And They’re Not Helping

Pain medication can be a balm to the hurt if you’re not using back physical therapy. But, unfortunately, these can be highly addictive, and our bodies can slowly become used to them until they no longer work on us.  Do you notice that you’re taking many pain medications, and they’re not helping you?  It may be time to talk to a doctor about your back.