What To Have In Mind When Looking For An Age-Friendly Health Insurance

We all love our parents. They are the ones who raised us and made us who we are today. So the best way to repay them for it and make them feel cared for when they become older is to give them health insurance. With several affordable health insurance plans available on the market, you have the freedom of choosing the one that will be the most suitable for them without having to worry about not being able to pay for it.

Now, you might ask – why should I buy health insurance for them? And that’s a very good question.

There are several reasons for that. However, the main one is that it gives them financial security. Getting sick is normal when you are older, but depending on how severe your illness is if you don’t have health insurance, you might spend all your savings on hospital bills. Sometimes the older person doesn’t have any savings, or they are not enough to cover all of the expenses, and there is only one person in the family who works. In this case, it becomes difficult for the bread-earner to pay not only for the regular household expenses but also for the medical bills. Not only does the bread-earner have to work way harder, but also it makes both of their lives miserable as the older person often tends to feel guilty.

So why not prevent this situation from happening while you still have a chance? The only thing you have to do is buy health insurance. If you decide to do it, here are some things to keep in mind.

Age Limit

When looking for health insurance for a senior citizen, it is essential to focus on the age limits different companies might have. For example, some companies can offer medical coverage for those over 65, while others might do it for people over 80. So if you want to buy health insurance for your parents, you need to make sure that it will cover them from the current age for as many years as possible.

However, you need to be very careful as some health insurance plans might have restricted entry age. For example, if the age limit for one of them is 70, and your parents are 71 years old, they cannot apply for it. Furthermore, if they are 69 years old and they apply for this plan, they will need to switch to a new one anyway after they turn 70.

What Is Covered

While looking for a health insurance plan, you need to know what expenses does it cover. In most cases, it will cover the costs of a hospitalization, which include things like doctor fee’s, nursing, medicine, etc. It should cover the costs of procedures that don’t need any hospitalization.

Furthermore, some health insurance plans cover the expenses connected with pre-existing diseases. However, those are subject to specific terms and conditions. Most health insurance plans will also include coverage of ambulance charges.

Since the things that are covered by the health insurance depend on what type of plan or what company you’ll choose, it is important to decide on the one that offers the most coverage as you never know what your parents might need.

Medical History

When buying health insurance for your parents, you should be aware of their medical history. However, sometimes it is impossible to know everything about it as even your parents might not be aware of the fact that they are ill. So before giving any information to the insurance company, you should think about making them do a cross-verification.

Most of the companies after you submit the proposal form might make the insured person go under medical screenings. They do it so that they can verify the information regarding the medical conditions of the insured person. Some additional tests might also be required by the doctors, such as blood tests, sonography, liver and kidney function, etc.


Everyone wants the best for their parents, and one way of showing it is by providing them with health insurance so that they can live comfortably and not worry about not being able to pay for the hospital bills if the need arises.

While choosing a health insurance plan, there are some things that you need to keep in mind, your parents’ medical history, the age limit and what is covered by it being just a few of them.

Also, since this is not a decision to be made in a spun of the moment, you need to think it through carefully. If you want, make a table with the health insurance plans that you are interested in, and list all of their pros and cons. You can also talk with other people about what they would recommend. Good Luck.

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