What Are the Steps to Recovery?

Steps to Recovery

When a person is in the throes of addiction, it can often feel like they are alone. However, this is far from the truth. Aside from the fact that more than 21 million Americans currently suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, it is also important to remember that recovery is within reach for everyone.

We all have to start somewhere, which is why it is helpful to remember that there are steps to recovery. Recovery is not a uniform process, but there are certain stages that will feature in every person’s recovery. You might have already heard of the famous 12 Step Program, but this is not what we are talking about.

Rather, we are talking about the five quintessential moments of recovery that virtually all addicts will face. To find out what they are and help yourself or a loved one begin their journey to full addiction recovery and normal life, read this guide. 

1. Acknowledgment of Addiction

The road to recovery always begins with an acknowledgment of addiction. Nobody likes to face up to the idea that they are suffering from addiction, which is why the majority of addicts do not even consider themselves to be addicts.

That crucial moment of recognition is essential for anyone with a substance abuse problem to realize that they have a problem. The lightbulb moment may occur after a crisis event or an intervention from loved ones. 

2. Assessment of Addiction

Once you realize you are addicted, the next step towards recovery is to reflect and contemplate how and why your addiction is dangerous. It is a time to confront your past and consider how your actions as an addict have hurt those that you love. It is also a time to consider the wasted opportunities wrought by your addiction, as well as the steps you can take to recovery. 

3. Begin the Steps to Recovery

If you are struggling with addiction, there will come a time where you will need to seek professional treatment if you wish to make a full recovery. This does not have to mean a 6-month stint in rehab.

You can opt for residential rehab treatment centers that allow you to enjoy a short-term stay with round-the-clock support, which can often be covered fully by insurance. You can even use public programs such as Medicaid to receive addiction treatment. The important thing is that you start. 

4. Undergo Treatment 

Once you have accepted your addictions and made a commitment to change, you can begin recovery. This is the most challenging part of your return to normality, as it represents a huge break from what you previously thought about yourself.

You will find recovery tough, but with the right support, you will come out on the other side feeling better than ever, often sooner than you would have ever thought possible. 

5. Aftercare 

Finally, there is aftercare. Addiction is not killed forever the moment you receive a certificate or walk out of rehab. There will be an adjustment period in which to acclimatize to your new, clean, healthy life.

In addition, there may be moments throughout your life where you have to occasionally battle with temptation. The important thing is to have a support network you can trust and rely on in times of need. 

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