Ways to Treat Arthritis at Home and Avoid Ineffective Treatments


Arthritis can be a difficult thing to live with, and considering how common it is in the US, itís highly likely that you or someone you know will suffer from it. Arthritis can take many forms, from a version where symptoms pop up every so often to a version where your ability to function degenerates over time. As Arthritis worsens, it can cause a decrease in overall mobility, changes in the shape and fluidity of your joints, and an overall negative impact on your quality of life.

The good news is that Arthritis is a treatable condition, and with the right regimen and advice from your doctor, you can slow the progression of this disease and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Before attempting any of the methods in this list, consult with your doctor and see what they think might benefit you most. It will also benefit you to know as much as you can about the specific kind of Arthritis you have, as that will help you avoid the things that will aggravate it and choose the best treatment plan for you.

That being said, if youíre looking for some suggestions for treating Arthritis at home, youíve come to the right place. Read on.

Diet and Exercise Are Key

When considering ways to alleviate your arthritis symptoms, evaluating your diet and exercise routines can be an excellent place to start. Your weight actually has a considerable impact on the extremity of your arthritis symptoms, as added weight can press on your joints and cause duress. Frequently exercising and maintaining a healthy diet will help alleviate this pressure, making your day-to-day symptoms just a bit easier to live with.

Exercise also helps keep your joints spry, as using them frequently for even lower-impact routines (like walking or swimming) will not only keep them lubricated for daily use but improve the muscles around your joints, offering support.

Donít Be Afraid to Heat Things Up

Hot and cold therapy are also excellent ways to loosen up your joints and alleviate some of your symptoms. This is more of a temporary band-aid and is effective in the short-term, unlike diet and exercise, which will help long-term. Things like taking a hot shower in the morning or using a heat pack when your joints get stiff will help loosen them temporarily, making it easier to move, while cold packs can relieve swelling in short bursts.

Consider Getting Medicinal

This section comes with a HUGE qualifier: make sure that when you take medicines meant to relieve Arthritis symptoms, you do your research and ask your doctor about possible side effects. Thereís a lot of snake oil out there and even more people looking to push it; if you arenít careful, youíll wind up suffering adverse side effects. Elmiron, a popular drug meant to treat arthritis and bladder pain, is one such drug that caused vision loss in several people who took it, and there are several outstanding lawsuits surrounding the use of the drug.

That being said, there are arthritis medications that may help relieve your pain, as well as various natural supplements known to have a positive effect on arthritis symptoms. The Arthritis Foundation has even looked into using chemical compounds like CBD to help sufferers, although that certainly wonít be the right avenue for everyone. Again, these come with a HUGE qualifier: natural supplements are largely unregulated in the US, and any decision you make to take one should come after extensive research on the product and a consultation with your doctor. You donít want to risk making your symptoms worse, or heaven forbid, getting a new problem like vision loss.

No Easy Way Through

Arthritis is a challenging condition to live with, but be sure to avoid taking the ďeasy way outĒ often peddled by sales operatives without your best interests at heart. Slow and steady wins the race with this disease, and careful maintenance of your body and upkeep of your overall health will ensure that you have many, many years of an active, unrestricted lifestyle. Take what you need to to help your condition, but make sure you donít overlook the hard road: itís the one that will lead to success in the end.