Ways To Improve Sex Power

If you are a man looking for ways to improve sex power you are not alone. There are many men and women who may not speak openly on this subject but browse the internet to find ways to enhance their sexual performance so that they could keep their partner satisfied.
There are pills sold in the market claiming to spice up sex life, but we suggest not to waste time, money and your health on them. Better go for drug-free and simple ways to improve sex power.
First of all, let us try to dig the reasons behind a lack of sex drive and other sexual issues.
Well, there can be health conditions such as thyroid issues, diabetes, cardiac problems and cancer behind decreased sex drive. Diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure or heart diseases may damage nerves and decrease the blood flow to the penis. This, in turn, makes it difficult to maintain or get erections. In the case of females, hormonal imbalance, pain during sex, endometriosis may also lower libido.
Certain medications such as depression medicines, birth-control pills or medication for blood pressure can also be a cause.
This is why it is suggested that first of all meet your doctor for a medical check-up so that the health issue that is inhibiting sex desire can be treated. If no medical reason is behind then you probably need to work on your mind, thoughts and bring some changes in our lifestyle and eating habits.

Effective Ways To Increase Sex Power

  1. Give Gap– You don’t have to do intercourse every day or you will find it boring. Give a gap of 1-3 days. This will also increase semen volume.
  2. Stay Active-Cardiovascular exercises improve circulation and enhances sexual performance. Invest 45 minutes, 5 times a week on activities such as cycling swimming, running etc. to improve your all over health.
  3. Reduce Your Stress Level– Stress increases the blood pressure and heart rate that not only affects sexual performance but also libido. Also, stress triggers bad habits like too much alcohol consumption, smoking that again harm your performance. To reduce stress level exercise, meditate and try breathing exercises or yoga. Talk to your partner about why you are stressed. This will calm you down and will also strengthen the relationship. Also, 7-8 hours of sound sleep is a must.
  4. Expose Yourself To Sunlight – Sunlight decreases the production of hormone melatonin which is known to induce sleep but also reduces sexual urge. Expose your body to morning sun in summers and any time in the day during winter for at least 10 minutes.
  5. Talk To Your Partner– Sex is a pleasurable act for both the partners. It is not a one-sided game. So pay attention to your partner’s likes and dislikes and share yours. Talk openly with your partner on how you can improve your sexual experiences. Any issue related to sex that has become a subject of worry or tension should be brought up and discussed. Together work with your partner to find a solution instead of isolating yourself out of guilt.
  6. Solve Relationship Issues– Issues in a relationship where you feel your partner criticizes or disrespects you may lead to erectile dysfunction or anxiety during sex. To enjoy sex, it is important that you share a happy relationship with your partner. Communicate with your partner about your feeling. Avoid blame game. If needed take help of sex therapy or relationship counselling.
  7. Give Time To Foreplay – The defining part of sex is not penetration but the foreplay. It includes kissing, touching, caressing and oral sex. Lasting foreplay makes intimacy enjoyable for both partners.
  8. Try New Things– Don’t make sex feel like a routine. Make it exciting by trying new things like talking about sexual fantasies or try new positions. Change in the location may also help.
  9. Try The Start-Stop Technique – Take a break between the act, slow down and focus on your partner. Every time ejaculation is felt imminent, stop and take a deep breath then start up again slowly. This way train your body to hold ejaculation so that intercourse will last long.
  10. Kick Off Bad Habits – Consuming lots of alcohol and smoking impacts your sexual performance negatively. They narrow the blood vessels and can lead to impotency. Thus, quit smoking and cut down alcohol consumption to improve sex power.
  11. Eat Healthily – Eat foods that improve circulation such as garlic and onion. Include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids to your diets such as tuna, salmon, olive oil and avocados. Eat foods rich in B vitamins such as eggs to balance the level of hormones. Foods rich in vitamin B1 such as peanuts and kidney beans signals the nervous system. Add peppers and chillies to your food because spicy food reduces inflammation and hypertension. Also, banana being rich in potassium lowers the blood pressure.

Never be ashamed if you are having difficulties in your sex life. Almost all men and women go through lack of interest and some form of sexual dysfunction at some point in their life. Better talk to your partner, adopt a healthy lifestyle and eat healthily. In case you suffer from erectile dysfunction or other diagnosed disorders consult your doctor for treatment.