VR Applications : Decrease Stress without leaving Home

VR applications works in several revolutionary projects, the company is taking a unique approach by using the technology for mediation purposes. Traditional mindfulness may soon be accessible through a non-traditional medium.

Cigna Virtual Relaxation Pod

The new project is by health service provider ‘Cigna’. The two companies teamed up with `Story’ to create ‘Cigna Virtual Relaxation Pod.’ The product uses VR technology for meditation purposes. The pod delivers a two-minute-long immersive VR experience. It is based on guided meditation practices. Users Oculus Rift headset, which transports them to one of the simulated environments listening to the expert meditation instructors.

As we know that meditation is linked to the reduction of stress, the VR pods serve as one of the valuable tools for helping consumers relax.

Buddhify 2

Buddhify 2 is an app-based stress reliever designed to bring mindfulness into the busiest lives. The app has 40 different guided meditations like working online, commuting, and going to sleep, ranging from 5 to 20 minutes. Buddhify provides a timer for keeping track of time for unguided meditations.

The app provides tips to practice mindfulness and track a user’s progress, keeps a tab on stats during a week, or how many days consistently, and the user has been practicing meditation.

The app is aimed at improving one’s wellbeing and reducing stress over time and especially introducing first-timers to meditation without it seeming intimidating.

WellBe Bracelet

Practicing mindfulness is a goal of yours, then you may want to support the WellBe bracelet. Currently, who are seeking crowdfunding site Indiegogo, the stress-reducing accessory, and the accompanying app has been developed to restore mental and emotional balance. It detects stress in addition to the system that offers ways you can calm your nerves down.

The tranquility-enhancing jewelry is very much eco-friendly because it has been carved out of cork. The WellBe monitors heart rate and determines how stressed out the user is based on the time, place, and people around during the day. The mindfulness bracelet offers to tell you if the people you are around are bad.

The wristband syncs to the smartphone of the user, which will tell him when his stress levels are too high and also offer ways to deal with it, such as meditation and breathing exercises.

Jelly Fish

Modern lifestyles are stressful than ever, so the color lamp ‘Jellyfish2’ is designed to enable a person to unwind and relax with the colors and motion of the ocean.

The ‘Jellyfish2’ lamp is used as therapeutic lighting to unwind at the end of the day, with the ability to illuminate using 16-million different colors. The product is designed as a lamp hangs on the wall and uses the flat wall surface to display different colors and motion.

The ‘Jellyfish2’ color lamp comes with a remote control to allow users to pick specific colors they want to experience or use the ‘Flow Color’ mode. This focuses on being ever-shifting never to provide the same illumination design twice.

Abstract human wearing virtual reality glasses on blue background. Artificial intelligence in futuristic technology for stress and tension relieve

Muse Headband

The Muse Headband increases mental wellbeing to ensure the user’s brain is relaxed and trained, especially during activities that help users mind reset after a long day at work or school. As users become more reliant on technology and work-driven, mental wellbeing is being pushed to beyond limits due to the pressures and stresses of the fast-moving society.

The Muse Headband aims to help users relax. It is an excellent aid for those who practice yoga, meditation, or relaxing breathing activities. Being a tremendous meditative tool, the wearable gadget is a helpful aid for migraine relief and hypertension symptoms. It helps by lowering blood pressure levels.

The VR product is practical and also a smart investment that keeps users’ mental health and mood in check.

Aurai Eye Massager

A company called InTrust has presented the Aurai Eye Massager. Eye massagers are becoming so popular that they are often sold at pharmacies and are prized for the ability to provide relief from stress and tension, headaches, and stress. What makes the Aurai a standout is the fact that it uses the power of water to relax the eye area gently.

The headset looks almost like eye massagers, except for being connected to a tube. It allows water to get pumped into the headset. By using the device, a user has to place the eyelids over the soft gel-like face mask inside the headset. There are many criteria to choose from, including options for cold, hot and vibrating massages that last about six minutes each.

Beyond just providing relaxation and de-stressing, the VR device helps to provide a reduction in feelings of tiredness in the eyelids, reducing dryness in the eyes, and puffiness under the eyes.


Pacifica is a handy technology app that encourages its users to do stress-reducing exercises. Stress brought on by a demanding job or a heavy academic workload can affect nearly anyone of us. Pacifica app helps all those who have been struggling with anxiety. It reminds them to take care of themselves during the hectic day.

The mobile platform works around the theme of allowing users to rate their mood and feelings throughout the day. Based on this data, users can discover their mood trends and pinpoint the source of their anxiety. To reduce anxiety levels over time, the app encourages us to carry out different stress-reducing activities. These small exercises include everything from mindful meditation to deep breathing. The idea is to help users discover what activities help to improve their mood and alleviate their anxiety.

Work stress affects everybody and anybody, but it may be different, and the app provides a helpful way out to figure out what calming VR techniques are best for each individual.

Breo ‘iSee360’

Whether due to work stress, tension, headaches, or a need to relax, people are looking for cost-effective ways to reduce stress. The Breo’ iSee360′ Eye Massager is one of the economic means of doing so from the comfort of home. Designed perfectly to fit over the eye area and it provides a gentle as well as intense massage depending on preference, the Breo’ iSee360′ Eye Massager is battery powered, which means no cords to trip over and the ability to bring it anywhere.

The Breo ‘iSee360’ Eye Massager features a built-in music player that allows users to fully immerse themselves in a spa-like experience without ever leaving the comfort of their home. As more consumers spend time working remotely, the incorporation of such at-home spa therapies helps to decrease stress without leaving the house.