World’s First Vagina Museum To Open In London

An entire museum dedicated to the vaginas will open its doors to visitors this autumn in London. The idea of a vagina museum stuck to Florence Schechter after finding out about the Penis Museum in Iceland. She discovered Iceland had a phallological museum, housing the world’s largest display of penises, but with no vagina.

As per according to the reports, an amount of £50,000 has been raised entirely through a crowdfunded campaign. The main objective behind the idea is to educate people about vaginas, vulvas and the gynaecological anatomy.

The museum aims to remove the stigma around vaginal and vulva health. Florence Schechter the founder describes it as “the world’s first bricks and mortar museum dedicated to gynaecological anatomy.” The museum will display the vagina of women of different race, culture, sizes as well as all the animals with the organ.

It’ll feature art exhibitions, plays, workshops, musical and comedy nights around the topic to educate people. The programmes will be child-friendly and outreach to children making sure they are comfortable talking about the female reproductive system.

Schechter believes how women need to come in open and celebrate their body instead of being ashamed to talk about it. She stated “When they’re ashamed of their bodies, it becomes really difficult for them to talk about things,” she said. “It’s about de-stigmatising this part of the body and being honest about what it does.” She also added, ” Vagina museum is a fantastic way of spread awareness about sexual health and how there is nothing offensive or shameful to talk about a vagina.”


The vagina museum will open on the 16th of November in Camden market temporarily. They will run extensive programmes on vaginal health and sex education for people of each age group. Instead of making it a taboo, celebrate the body part and de-stigma it.

We personally are delighted by the idea and feel it’s the need of the hour. People have thousands of misconceptions and myths about the vagina. Speaking about it is considered disgraceful. With the increasing number of vaginal and vulva cancer, educating women around the world about the same is important.

There are millions of women suffering from mental health issues, depression and low self-esteem due to how their lady organ appears. The vagina museum is a great way to inform women on how every size, shape and colour is beautiful.

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