Upward Curved Penis

Upward curved penis or banana penis may be bothersome. However, about 50 % of men have a slightly curved penis. It may be curved up, to the side, or down. However, if the curve is prominent, it limits the sexual positions, causes displeasure for both the partners. In addition, in some cases it makes urination nearly difficult. It may even hurt your partner. This is in why many men with banana penis lack self-esteem and suffer performance anxiety that in turn results in other sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

If you are reading our article, it is obvious you are not happy with a banana penis. However, do not worry, as there are ways to straighten the penis. Nevertheless, let us first learn m what causes the dick to bend and is it really an issue to bother.

Why your dick is curved upwards and not straight?

When erection happens, the penis is filled with the blood and makes the shaft bigger and harder. The blood fills the erectile tissues and erectile tissues expand. There is two chambers on the left and right-hand side of shaft. If any of the chambers do not elongate equally or do not expand penis bends up, down, or on sides.

Many other reasons may cause the penis to curve such as too much masturbation, injury, an accident while having sex or it may be genetic or congenital such as Peyronie’s disease. Constant tucking the erect penis in your underwear may also bend it unnaturally. Always remember if the penis constantly bends when it is upright, damage will happen gradually over a period.

Is upward curved penis a problem?

If you have a slightly curved penis, do not fret as it also has some benefits over a straight one. Many females have reported that banana penis stimulates G-spot. In comparison to a straight penis, it covers a larger space and thus gives a feeling to your sex partner that your dick is double the actual size. Therefore, a bent penis can make sex more pleasurable. You just need to find out the right position to rock.

Is there a need to straighten the penis?

In general, men find it challenging to have sex with bend dick. With bend penis, you rock a few positions, but those with straight dick have better or more options. In some cases, you may not have any issue having sex with a banana penis but want to get it corrected out of embarrassment as your partner finds it strange. In addition, bend dick may make you conscious, and lack of confidence may lead to sexual dysfunction. For all the above reasons you may want to get it to straighten.

How to straighten an upward curved penis?

There are ways to get penis straighten. But, yes doing nothing in the hope that one day it will straighten by its own also won’t help you.

The first step you need to take is always meet an expert for medical evaluation. You need to determine the reason behind it and know whether the bend is natural curvature or Peyronie’s diseases.

As discussed above in the case you have a natural curvature there is unequal expand of the two chambers inside the dick.

Peyronie’s disease is altogether a different thing. It is a rare condition. Here fibrosis of penis shaft happens that leads to marked bend, and sex and urination are difficult.

Thus if you have symptoms discussed below, it is advised to consult your GP before taking any action.

  • A hard lump or thick area in the penis shaft
  • Bend in the penis during erection
  • Pain during an erection.
  • The penis looks like an hourglass.
  • Loss of girth and length of the penis.

Ways to straighten upward curved penis

Whatever has caused your penis to erect it can be straighten. A few non-invasive methods to correct peyronie’s diseases include penile suction pump; lithotripsy and drug treatment is given. The treatment depends on the stage of penile curvature. If the former methods will not help surgery is the option.

How To Treat Upward curved penis at Home?

Many males can treat bent dick simply at home.

One of the ways is to place your thumb under your penis shaft and pull the skin on top of the shaft with the fingers towards the thumb. While doing this force the lumps on the penis top to the surface.

Another way is using a medical penis stretcher. If scar tissue has resulted in bent simple, stretching is enough. Stretching may also help if you were born with curve dick. Stretch the shorter portion of the corpora cavemosa to expand it.

Hope our article will help you. However again I will like to remind you that banana penis is not uncommon. Do not make a big deal of it and if it has become a matter of discomfort, there are ways to fix it. So do not lower your self-esteem because your woman may not care about size or shape but can sense the lack of confidence and this is what may trouble her more.