Uncomfortable with Your Body Hair: 3 Ways to Help with Your Self-Consciousness

Body Hair

There is this unrealistic beauty norm going around that expects women to be smooth and hairless. The notion that body hair is ugly and disgusting forces women to shave, wax, thread, and explore different methods to attain that beauty standard. The deviation is often met with judgment and disapproval.

Women have the liberty to choose if they prefer to keep their natural body hair or go hairless. Whichever decision they choose must be respected and not deemed as repulsive. Even if many claim that hair removal is done to enhance personal hygiene, it can still cause infection through cuts and skin irritation.

These beauty standards are hard to deal with, and no one can blame you for being pressured by them. They can affect your self-esteem and make you overly conscious about your appearance. Here are some tips that can help with your self-consciousness:

  1. Find the right method

There are many hair removal techniques on the internet. The key is finding a suitable method that is affordable, easy to maintain, and comfortable. Some of the proven effective and inexpensive techniques include shaving, waxing, and threading. Hair removal laser solution is another technique that uses a higher form of technology and gives long-lasting results. These methods have their pros and cons, and a perfect technique for one person may not be suitable for you. Therefore, it is essential to ask a dermatologist or a skincare professional for guidance when choosing the method you like. You should also keep in mind that this is a trial and error method, so be patient with yourself.

  1. Challenge the norm

The notion that removing all of your body hair makes you clean is not entirely true. Body hair should not be blamed for uncleanliness. This belief is anchored in the ancient times when soap, feminine wash, cleansers, and deodorants were not yet available. These are readily available in the market now, so you have a lot of ways to make yourself clean.

When you think about it, body hair is considered normal for men — sometimes it is even considered attractive — but it is a big deal when it comes to women. So, always challenge the norm and defy these unrealistic standards that society feeds you. Make a stand, and you’ll be surprised to see your confidence booming.

  1. Embrace your decision

After consulting a professional and researching, it is now time to make an informed choice. Keep in mind that your body should only follow the rules you create. Whether you choose to keep your body hair or not should be your decision alone. Do not be swayed by beauty norms and standards; do what is best for your mental health and inner peace. Embrace your decision, and learn to be comfortable in your own skin. Finally, look at the mirror every morning. Appreciate how you look and be proud of your choice.

Breaking gender norms and beauty standards like body hair removal is a big hurdle. Because of these, it is easy to be self-conscious, leading to low self-esteem and anxiety. With the proper guidance, fresh perspective, and revolutionary mindset, you can defy all odds and finally learn to love yourself fully.