Top 6 Unconventional CBD Oil Products and Uses

Dropper of CBD Oil

As any novelty, especially on the food supplement market, CBD oils caused a huge fuss a couple of years ago. At first, there were a lot of controversies. After all, itís about cannabis plants!

Thereís no need to panic, though. Hemp CBD oils have no intoxicating effects, while marijuana derivatives are only accessible in places where marijuana is legal at all. Hemp oils can contain up to 0.3% THC which only is a trace amount impossible to make you high. Everything containing above 0.3% is considered to be a drug, even though such small amounts of THC donít have an impact on staying sober.

If you live in the states or a country where marijuana is legal, like Nevada, New Jersey, or Canada, you can check over here the variety of accessible marijuana derivatives products.

As for hemp derivatives, they can also be taken in many completely different forms, each of them will have slightly different effects. We chose a couple of unconventional ideas for CBD use to encourage you and inspire to look for the best solutions for your needs!

  1. CBD Oil Candles

Candles are the CBD product that surprised us the most. You can either find candles produced by popular CBD oil brands, handmade candles on Etsy or make your own ones at home!

CBD candle aromatherapy have much more subtle effects than applying CBD drops under your tongue or vaping. The scent and released beneficial CBD components help you relax but wonít have those effective painkilling properties.

Organic candles made of natural wax (e.g., soy candles) infused with good quality ecological CBD oil can even be used as a skin moisturizer. CBD oils have strong regenerative properties. It helps your skin recover and keeps it properly hydrated and prevents it from rash and eczema.

2. After-Workout CBD Products

CBD oil benefits have become well-known in the sports environment. Due to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties CBD ointments and edibles are a popular part of the post-workout rituals. They support the muscles and joints recovery, as well as speed up the healing of injuries. Although keep in mind that in some professional sports organizations and events, the use of CBD products might be forbidden because of a strict anti-doping and anti-drug policies.

3. CBD Oil Bath Bombs

After a long day full of struggles all we dream about is a warm bath and going to bed relaxed. CBD oil cosmetics producers have already taken care of this particular need! CBD oil-infused bath bombs have the same properties of soothing the senses as candles. Inhaling the vapor decreases levels of stress and anxiety. The bath bomb also applies the oils directly onto the skin. Such CBD oil baths can help us in the battles with many severe skin conditions. However, if you suffer from a dermatological illness, consult the use of bath bombs with your doctor first! Instead of using this cosmetic product, you can consider adding pure CBD oil to your bath.

4. CBD Oil Toothpaste

The anti-inflammatory and high regenerating properties of the oil are also known in the stomatological industry. Irritated gums, sensitive teeth, oral cavity ulcers and injuries require special treatment. On the one hand, itís necessary to brush your teeth and prevent further infection. On the other hand, brushing and inadequate toothpaste can worsen the irritation. Happily, there comes CBD oil toothpaste to the rescue! To complement the CBD mouth care, you can also use CBD oil mouthwash.

5. CBD Oil Facial Masks

Your face will be eternally grateful for such a soothing CBD seance. Acne, rash, scars, and wrinkles are soon going to be far in the past. Sheet CBD mask is all soaked in a concentrated essence containing skincare ingredients ó including the CBD oil. In the packaging, thereís usually a generous amount of the essence that can be used again later. Just fold the mask, put it back to the sachet, and fold it tightly so the essence wonít dry out! The leftovers of the essence you can rub onto the skin of your neck, cleavage, and hands, and let it absorb.

6. CBD Pet Sedatives

The producers of CBD oils have also thought of our pets. As caring pet owners we want to keep them calm and healthy. Unfortunately, animals are often exposed to stronger stress than human beings. They are not aware of why weíre taking them to the vet or how long the car trip will take. Not to mention how intense and damaging the separation anxiety disorder for their health can be. Stress can even shorten their lives by a couple of years!

You can either find specialized CBD sedatives for pets or consult the exact amount of pure CBD oil with the vet. You can add the oil to their food or snacks a while before you leave the house or before going out with the pet to the hated doctor of theirs. Pets deserve a calm and happy life just as we do!