Top 5 Tools to Keep You Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As things ever so slowly return to normal, we are forced to deal with a new status quo – social distancing. After all, this is for our own sake as well as our loved ones’ – so we can’t really cut any corners.

To make things easier for you, we’ve listed our top 5 gadgets that could help you cope with the new normal while staying safe. Each one will help bring you closer to peace of mind.

1.   ThermoDetect Pro Infrared Thermometer Gun

Keeping a safe distance from other people is a must – especially if they’re showing Coronavirus symptoms. Using IR thermometer guns such as the ThermoDetect Pro™ helps you safeguard your loved ones or your business..

One of the most telling signs of a Coronavirus infection is a fever. The ThermoDetect Pro™ is designed to perform thousands of no-contact temperature scans per battery cycle, which works as an added measure of safety. You can take this small, lightweight, portable temperature gun anywhere you go even as a personal tool!

Check out our review of the ThermoDetect Pro Review.[1] 

2.   OxiMeter Pro™ Pulse Oximeter

Another common symptom of exposure to COVID-19 is pneumonia, as the virus weakens the respiratory system of almost anyone who catches it. Thankfully, you can detect this early on by checking the amount of oxygen in your blood. Pulse oximeters like the OxiMeter Pro™ helps you monitor your blood oxygen saturation level level in a simple, painless, and needle-free way.

Experts tend to agree that 95%-99% is the safe zone for those without a respiratory infection. A 2002 study strongly concluded that if a person’s blood oxygen saturation levels fall below 94%, there’s a high chance of pneumonia.

Use OxiMeter Pro™ multiple times per day and give yourself peace of mind. Quite frankly, we can’t put a price on that! Check it out here[2]  and find out more about how it works.

3.   Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Avoiding contact with infected people and the things they’ve touched is essential in the current climate. Medical-grade protection for your hands with disposable nitrile gloves not only helps protect you, but it also helps you prevent spreading disease.

Gloves and other essential PPE equipment have low availability the world over – get yours now whilst stocks last from suppliers like ThermoDetectUSA.

4.   Re-Usable Cloth Facemasks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC itself has stated that Coronavirus primarily spreads from a person to another through water droplets from coughing, sneezing, or even talking.

A face mask is proven to be ineffective for protecting its wearer. However, wearing one goes a long way to protect the people with you. With the world experiencing an unprecedented shortage of disposable surgical face masks, a reusable cloth mask is just as effective. These can even be fashioned from household items. Just remember to wash them after every use, and that nobody else would use that face mask but you!

5.   Pocket-Sized Alcohol Wipes

While washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds may be the best way to sanitize them, that’s not always available especially when you’re out and about. Having a hand sanitizer, alcohol, or alcohol wipes on hand is a perfectly fine second option. These 3 all come in portable containers, and they’re absolute must-haves.

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