Tips To Manage Addiction During The Pandemic

Manage Addiction

The COVID-19 crisis has swept across the world, causing more than 1 million fatalities, while also wreaking havoc with the global economy and this causes stress and anxiety to build up with many people. Even before the emergence of COVID, many people who were struggling on the breadline turned to mind-altering substances and the pandemic adds fuel to the fire.

Tell-Tale Signs of Substance Addiction

Of course, a drug addict has family and friends. It is these people who can offer the best help, yet the addict is very clever at concealing their habit. Therefore, you should know the signs to look for in a person with a substance addiction.

  • sudden mood swings
  • lack of appetite
  • short of money
  • lack of care for physical appearance
  • bad memory
  • inability to focus

Young people are especially vulnerable to drug use and those with teenage kids should take the time to find out who their child is hanging around with and watch for any of the above signs.

Best Treatment

If a person is habitually using drugs and facing issues, it is critical to act and the best treatment is to book into a Thailand rehab for mental health retreat and drug addiction, where a team of professionals can help them. If a person remains in their normal environment, it is next to impossible to quit using, due to peer pressure and triggers. Yet by relocating to a tranquil setting in Thailand, the person has all the tools they need to beat the addiction. The goal of such programs is not to merely keep the patient clean during their stay, but also to develop a determination to stay clean when they return to the normal life.


This is an event that is arranged by family and friends of a drug user, without their knowledge, whereby the group comes together and persuades the user to agree to spending some time in rehab. When this happens, the drug user might have an aggressive response, or they might agree completely, realising this is the best road to take at this stage of their addiction, and the intervention group must be well-prepared and determined to succeed in their mission; to have the person taken to a rehab facility.

Scarcity of Supply

One outcome of the COVID crisis for the drug user could be that they are suddenly unable to buy their drug of choice, which would likely lead to using another substance. That might be alcohol or prescription medication. This might also cause a change in behaviour, with the person spending more time alone. This can cause even more stress and anxiety.

Online Solutions

If a member of your family is showing the signs of continued drug use and you would like some professional help, search with Google for established mental health and drug rehab retreats, where the best clinics are located. Once on the website, you can read about the range of programs they offer and then talk to someone about making a booking.