Tips on How to Use MCT Oil for Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Nowadays there is so much hype about MCT oil but some people are still not so sure about what it is or how it can help them. So what is MCT oil? It is a special kind of fat that is medium in length. Because of its size, it can bypass some of the normal pathways that fats are supposed to go through in order to be utilized in the body. Since the oils skips some pathways they have an immediate energy release and you can take advantage of their benefits by taking MCT oil regularly.

There are usually two ways that you can take MCT oils, you can take the oils in liquid form (MCT oil) or take the MCT powder which is basically MCT oil but in powder form. The oil is extracted from pure MCTs that are extracted from whole foods and more specifically from coconut and palm oil which contains over 50 percent MCTs. The MCTs can also be found in dairy products that have up to 12 percent of the MCTs. The MCT powder on the other hand is made by turning MCT oil into powder through spray drying.

Either form is good and has all the benefits of MCT oils but some feel like one is better than the other. To help you choose the best form let us look at the pros of each. The MCT powder are easier to the digestive system and they are very easy to add into your recipes. They are also easy to pack when you are travelling and some believe that they may have extra benefits. On the other hand, the MCT oils are readily available and can even serve as substitute for normal oils. The main advantage is actually is that they are much cheaper compared to the MCT powder.

Why should you add MCT oil to your diet?

Whether you purchase the MCT oils or you just use coconut oil for supplement, you are definitely going to enjoy the maximum benefit of the MCTs. And the best way to use MCT oil for weight loss is by incorporating them with a keto diet find out more here

By lowering the amounts of carbs, you consume daily, your body will have no choice but to burn more fats and produce ketones and since keto diet involves high fat diet, meaning that will not be a problem. But before everything runs smoothly, you might experience some a keto flu but it is no big deal because it will be gone within days.

The MCT oils are such a supplement for keto as they make the ketones readily available for your body to use and this helps your body keep on producing more energy and even reduces the symptoms of keto flu. The reason why the MCT oils are so beneficial to the people on keto for weight loss is because they reach the liver faster than all the other dietary fats where they are converted into ketones and then distributed to your bloodstream.

 Also MCTs do not need to be broken down into smaller molecules and they can enter into the mitochondria without needing any help from other compounds. Continued usage of MCT oils will keep on increasing your energy levels and make you feel better when you are on keto diet.

How to use MCT oil for weight loss.

There are hundreds of ways you can use MCT oil to enhance the results of your keto diet and we have made some recommendations for you. But before we get to that, it is very important to understand just how much MCT oil you should take. If you are a beginner, between 1 and 1.5 teaspoons of MCT oil will work just fine. Just take it slow and increase the consumption as days go by and your body gets used to it. If the dosage is proving to be too powerful for you, try out the MCT powder since it usually have less digestive issues. Once your body has fully adopted the MCT supplements, you can increase your dosage to 3 teaspoons per day. To make it easier for you, use the following recommendations on how to use MCT oil.

  • Have the MCT in your coffee.

 Since the MCT oils are flavorless and odorless, you can add a teaspoon in your coffee or other warm drink that you take before you go out for job. The MCT will provide you with the healthy fats needed while you are on keto and it will also provide you with the energy to keep you going throughout the day.

  • Add MCT oil to your smoothies.

Adding between one and two teaspoons of Since the MCT oil to your recipe for making smoothies is going to boost the levels of ketones in your body and of course add the much needed healthy fats. You can try out the blueberry banana bread smoothie or the peanut butter milkshake. Just make sure you add at least a teaspoon of the MCT oil to whichever smoothie you are preparing.

  • Use the MCT oil on your keto sauces or dressings.

 Add some Since the MCT oil to your favorite keto sauce or dressing. You can sub the primary oil with a teaspoon of MCT oil or you can add together with the other oils, it all up to you.

  • Drizzle the MCT oil on top of your meal.

 This is nothing complicated, you just drizzle some MCT oil or sprinkle some MCT powder on your food. It can be salads or you can decide to make a keto pasta.

  • You can even make a quick keto chocolate sauce and make sure you add some MCT oil on the recipe.
  • Take the oil straight.

We have already mentioned that the MCT oils dont have any taste or smell so taking them straight wont be an impossible task. If you have MCT powder, just mix it with water and take it straight.

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