Things to Do When You Feel Dizzy While Exercising


Going to the gym regularly is healthy. Even if you donít, but you exercise from home, itís also ideal. As long as youíre physically active, you can help your body stay away from illnesses. 

The type of exercise regimen you follow depends on your body type and goals. Your underlying health conditions might also play a role. If you want to start with simple cardio exercise, itís okay. You can try lifting weights later or do more intense exercises. You might feel dizzy as a result. If it happens while you exercise, these tips could be useful.

Stop whatever youíre doing 

It doesnít matter if youíre still in the middle of your exercise technique. You should stop. Find a place to rest and recover. It takes a while before you can gain your energy back. You might even start with feeling dizzy until you eventually pass out.

The problem is that you experienced dizziness in the past. You ignored that feeling because it was mild. You might even believe that itís a normal part of the process. If it feels more intense this time, you have to stop. Forget about your fitness goals for a while since thereís an emergency you have to attend to.

Lie down until it gets better

The best way to overcome dizziness is by lying down. Don’t move until you feel better. It could take a while, depending on how severe the problem is. Close your eyes too if you feel like everything around you is moving in a circular motion. It only takes a few minutes for things to be better again. 

Drink plenty of fluids

A reason why you feel dizzy is that you donít have enough fluids in your body. Replenish whatever you lost with water. Ask someone to get water for you. Choose warm water since it helps get rid of that dizzy feeling. Stay away from sugary drinks or energy drinks. You canít regain your energy by drinking these drunks. Even if they do, you will crash again in just a few minutes. 

Move slowly

If you felt like you already recovered, you can stand up and move again. However, you should be cautious about your movement. Cancel the rest of your fitness routine and rest at home. Don’t walk too fast on your way out of the gym. Avoid getting up quickly as soon as you feel better and give your body enough time to adjust.

See a doctor

If it’s not the first you experienced this problem, you have to see a doctor. You need to know why it keeps happening so you can find a way to solve it. You might undergo treatments depending on the diagnosis. 

If your dizziness comes with a ringing sound in your ears, it could be tinnitus. Consult your doctor to curtail this problem. It could either be due to a physical issue or a mental health problem. If you felt dizzy due to a blurry vision, and you couldn’t see well even before exercising, you should see an eye doctor. It might be time that you get prescription glasses or replace the ones you’re currently using.

Take it seriously You might ignore the existence of the problem if it’s only mild and it’s not recurring. However, if it’s a recurring issue, try to take it seriously. Consult your doctor and undergo treatment. If you have to buy medicines for dizziness, you can do it online. You can also buy penicillin online if you need to buy these pills.