5 Things You Should Avoid Before Going To Bed

Getting quality sleep plays a vital role in enhanced quality life, safety, mental and physical health. Regardless of one’s age, enough sleep is crucial.
Children and teens need good sleep to support proper development and growth. Infants tend to be overly cranky and fussy when rest derived making their life and of those around them difficult. Many studies emphasize the need to establish a consistent bed and wake up time to ensure sound sleep.
In adults, sleep deficiency affects productivity, relationships with others,  thought process, and even compromise safety on the road. Another significant activity that is compromised by lack of sleep is learning. With all the important responsibilities that come with life, getting ample sleep may pose a challenge. Luckily, you can outsource some by searching online services like, “do my homework for me,” for students.
Here are things to avoid before going to bed to get quality sleep.

No gadgets or digital screens before bedtime.

The temptation to work on the assignment just before you jump to bed is real. However, blue and white light emitted from gadgets like mobile phones, PCs, and tablets prevents the production of a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin communicates to the body when it is time to sleep. Since the light from the screens stimulates the brain, it becomes harder to fall and stay asleep when you stare at the screen just before bed.
Reading a hard copy book, meditating or listening to calm music is the best way to prepare your body for sleep.

Avoid caffeine.

Caffeine helps one stay awake. It is a bad idea to indulge in coffee, tea, sodas, or any other caffeinated drink before bed. Sleep experts advise that caffeine consumption should be restricted to the morning hours as its effects last up to 6 hours in the body.
The best drinks to indulge in before bed are lemon balm tea and chamomile as they are soothing and will help you have a sound sleep.

Do not bath just before bed.

Many people shower just before bed to improve quality of sleep. On the contrary, bathing interferes with sleep. The body temperature naturally cools in the evening. A hot bath just before bed raises the body temperature, which will need to cool off again before you sleep. Take the evening bath at least one hour before bed. Your body will have time to cool off before you sleep. Body temperature plays a crucial role in sleeping.

Stay away from sleeping pills.

Sleep is a natural act and best left at that and a crucial need for the proper brain functioning. Unfortunately, studies by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that more people continue to use sleeping pills, even without prescriptions.
Sleeping pills prescription is a short-term solution. The medications present serious side effects like memory loss, muscle aches, among others if used for long. Continued use of the pills worsen the sleeping problems, and they can be very addictive.

Do not take alcohol

Alcohol is known to make people asleep. The problem is staying asleep. During the second half of the sleep, your body starts to metabolize alcohol making you restless. Taking alcohol before bed also suppress REM (Rapid Eye Movement) which is crucial for concentration and memory.


For sufficient sleep, one has to set enough time for it, provide a conducive environment and most importantly, prepare well before bedtime. When there are more work and assignments to do than the hours in a day, sites like Thesisrush will help you. With the above tips, you will curb sleep distractors and enjoy a restful slumber.

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