The Secret to Long-Term Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual Satisfaction

Having sex is essential in any romantic relationship. You need the physical touch to feel the love and affection of your partner. But what is the secret to long-term sexual satisfaction? Here are a few things you need to know:

The more, the merrier

Dr. Amy Muise, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto Mississauga, believes that the more sex couples have, the happier their lives are. Those who are short of confidence about not performing well in bed can resort to using herbal supplements that can increase the blood flow to the pelvic area and stimulate their libido. Casanova Gocce, for one, is one of the natural supplements that can increase testosterone production and improve your sexual performance.

So, dive in bed with your partner frequently because according to a study, couples who had sex several times a week were happier than the ones who did it once a week or once a fortnight. This is one of the ways to lead a satisfying sex life for a long time.

Identify the turn-offs and avoid them as soon as possible

Drop in sexual desire in one of the partners may happen if he/she is turned off by what their better half does during or before sex. Depression is often a reason for not feeling close to your partner, but apart from that, if there are other reasons, you need to figure them out quickly.

For example, if you talk about having children before getting into the act, your partner may not like it because he/she doesn’t want to have kids right away. Or if you are talking about what went wrong at work that day, it can also turn your partner off since he/she just wants to have a good time in bed.

Understanding these turn-offs will remind you of what to do and what not to do before doing the deed. When you are at it, concentrate on the action instead of other things. Take some time out to discuss these things when you are not about to have sex.

Identify the triggers of orgasm

Reaching orgasm is often the epitome of sexual satisfaction. But you need to know what triggers him/her into reaching that stage. For many couples, it can be penile-vaginal intercourse while a few couples are happy with cuddling only. If you can identify what pleases your partner the most in bed, you will find the code for long-term sexual satisfaction. You can start off slowly, and then increase the intensity in bed. Try various moves to see what works better.

Talk about sex

Jumping into the act may be cool but talking about it is cooler if you want to experience long-term satisfaction in bed. Couples often have various sexual wishes, and there’s nothing wrong to talk about it. Instead, it can bring you and your partner closer because both of you will be more enthusiastic to try what the other desires.

A relationship flourishes when there is both mental and physical connection. And, it is essential that both continue for a long time because that’s one of the ways how couples can stay happier. Follow these tricks from now on and see the change in your sex life soon.

Image credit: Sexual Satisfaction via bezikus/Shutterstock