The OMAD Diet: One Meal a Day to Shed Kilos Away


The gist of the OMAD diet

The one meal a day (OMAD) diet consists in eating only once a day. This proves to help people in losing their weight without significant sacrifices. Indeed, on this diet, you are allowed eat everything you want, even burgers and pizzas.

Why should I try OMAD?

The diet has a number of beneficial effects on your body. First, sticking to the OMAD diet, you will initiate the hormesis process, which will make your cells more elastic. Second, with this diet, you will stay young longer due to the autophagy process that it causes. Autophagy has a detox effect and prevents age-associated diseases. The diet also boosts your metabolism, helping you deal with obesity and preventing diabetes. Next, you will consume fewer calories with OMAD because it is hardly possible to eat the daily calorie norm in one meal. With this approach, you will start burning fat.

Why can OMAD be dangerous?

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  • You start ignoring your hunger signals. On the OMAD diet, you will use your opportunity to eat what you want as much as possible in one meal. Since this is unnatural for your body, it will fail to understand whether you are hungry or not.
  • Your level of LDL cholesterol can increase. 
  • Your metabolism can slow down. Scientists assert that restrictions in food can make your metabolism slower, and thus you will start gaining weight.
  • Your daily nutrient intake might be inadequate.

How to start off the OMAD diet?

Eating once a day is a great challenge for your body, which is used to getting food three or more times per day. It is important not to rush with your weight loss goals and not to drastically change your meal plan. It is not advisable to eat a lot and frequently one day and then reduce the number of meals to one the next day. You should give your body time to get used to the changes. A dietician and a doctor are those you had better consult before starting the OMAD diet.


Eating one meal a day is definitely helpful for those who want to slim down. However, there are certain risks you had better consider before cutting down on your meals. If you start your diet incorrectly, it can do you more harm than good.


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