The electronic stethoscope, key in the second medical opinions

electronic stethoscope

There is no doubt that health is on of the most important aspects of our life and that is why year after year we improve medical equipment and we move forward to offer better results for everybody. This can be clearly seen in electronic stethoscopes, which offer a series of quite remarkable and interesting advantages, especially if we are talking about the best electronic stethoscope that has been released by Ekuore.

The electronic stethoscope represents a great number of advantages in the case of primary care, being a very useful equipment that can be used by the primary care physician to offer a modern service that can better diagnose their patients. These equipments are very easy to handle and offer a great amount of resources, as well as a great resolutive capacity that benefits both the patient and the doctor who uses it. If you are not completely sure about the advantages of using an eKuore wireless electronic stethoscope that offers the possibility of a smartphone to get the results in a more comfortable and understandable way you should continue reading this post.

Advantages of using an electronic stethoscope

It allows to obtain a second immediate opinion

Thanks to the options available to these new teams, the doctor can save and send the auscultation to another doctor to receive a second opinion in a quick and comfortable way, being able to make a diagnosis that is more precise for the patient.

A more accurate diagnosis

These teams have technology that allows more accurate diagnoses. Among these characteristics we can highlight the amplification of sounds, which allows us to listen more easily to auscultation. This represents a great advantage when there are weak sounds or when the doctor presents hearing problems. They also have a cardiac-pulmonary filter that can be used to adapt to cardiac or respiratory sounds, thus being able to pick up certain specific sounds. This makes it much easier to analyze the patient. Likewise, it allows to visualize the phonogram when connecting by means of WiFi connection with a smartphone to visualize a phonogram while listening to the auscultation.

You can avoid visits to specialists

These devices represent a great improvement in the efficiency and quality of the system, which is why, thanks to the information provided by the primary physician, a more precise diagnosis can be obtained thanks to the great resolution offered by these electronic equipment, in addition to the fact that allows you to receive a second opinion more quickly and easily, as explained above. That is, in this way the primary doctor of the family can save the family the visit to a specialist to perform other tests. This can benefit the family by saving you really unnecessary expenses thanks to the use of quality medical equipment.

A better patient follow-up

This improved follow-up can be given thanks to the fact that the doctor has the ability to keep the patient’s auscultation in their digital history, allowing them to consulate with greater ease and effectiveness the evolution of the patient throughout their medical visits.

Useful to help other doctors

In case the patient presents any pathology that is really serious, the primary doctor has the possibility of sending the test to the cardiologist or emergency doctor, who will be able to consult it very easily even before the patient has reached his cline. This is very helpful because it allows them to know the patient’s condition.

These are just some of the most important advantages offered by these equipment, since the truth is that they offer many more advantages that doctors can take advantage of.