The Different Strains of Cannabis


There are very many strains of cannabis available on the market or for growing. These strains can be obtained from the homegrown cannabis company. They vary from the Sativa, Indica and they are also hybrid of the two varieties, all of which have different effects, flavors, and definitely different aromas. The different strains can be grown from either the use of clones or the use of seeds. This will depend on factors such as the location, whether they are growing them outdoors or indoors. If you are going to use growth lights and also depends on the scale that matches your needs and resources.

The advantage of growing from clones is that you can grow healthy plants and they are also free of diseases and insects.  Another advantage is that clones are available once you have harvested a previous crop and there is, therefore, no need to have a separate nursery for transplanting. The growth level and maturity times will tend to be even for each specific plant like the feminized cannabis seeds from HomegrowncannabisCo if they are from the same clone, which helps in having a uniform growth cycle. The advantage of using seeds is that there is a wider range of varieties that one can decide to venture on. The selection of seeds is very fast and grows continuously. Plants that are grown from seeds have a tap root and this enables the cannabis to anchor more firmly into the ground thereby ensuring it does not blow over by the wind.

Some of the most popular strains are as follows.

9-pound hammer

This is a cannabis strain that comes from the Indica family which has thick parts that are covered in gum. It has a sweet flavor which is also mixed with a lime scent. It is known for having a heavy and relaxation effect which lasts for long.

Acapulco gold

This a strain derived from the Sativa family but it also has a Mexican parent heritage and has a reputation as being an extraordinary variety ever. It is known for providing a very uplifting and stimulating buzz and also has a toffee-like aroma.

Bubba Kush

This variety comes from the Indica family and is well known in the United States and all over the world for its immense tranquilizer effects. It has a combination of flavors most notably hashish, coffee, and chocolate. The plant itself is stalky even though its genetic background is not known.


This is an Indica strain cannabis which has a history that goes back to the 1970s.its genetic origins can be traced in the Afghani and purple, Thai trains. It has a unique blueberry flavor that provides a special aromatic scent.

Blue dream    

This is a hybrid strain, even though it is dominated by the Sativa variety or family. It is seen as a combination of the blueberry and haze family, which is very well known in the western United States from where it originated. It provides relaxation to the whole of the body and at the same time provides a gentle stimulus to the brain. Thereby making it a favorite to the newcomers and veteran users.

Berry white

This is coming from the Indica cannabis family. It is a combination of the blueberry and the white widow cannabis strain which are extremely popular around the world. The berry white is very well known due to the effects it delivers such as, providing cover from stress and also at the same time providing a strong feeling of euphoria. It is known to have an intense laughter effect.


This is a high breed strain but with a dominant Sativa background which is linked to the cannatonic variety. It is very well known because it has almost zero psychological effects. As a result, it is loved all over the world because it will not have an effect of clouding up your mind.


This is a variety that comes from the indica family. And derives its name because of its geographic beginnings. It is especially known for having a lot of resins and having a heavy sedation effect. 


This is also another indica strain and having a parent background of the Afghani variety. It is known to have not only uplifting qualities but at the same time provides its users with creative capabilities. At the same time, it also has relaxing and drowsy effects which act as a sedative. It is also known for having a distinct pine flavor.


This is another hybrid strain with a mixed parent heritage such as Mexican, South American, and Afghani varieties. Despite its name, it is known for its mellow and relaxing mood effects, while at the same time having a sour scent. It has won numerous awards worldwide.

Allen wrench    

It is descended from the Sativa family and it is well known by individuals who love the cannabis Sativa family. It is known for its flavors which are crisp and sour while providing serious stimulation but at the same time leaving your mind clear. This is why it is seen as a good coffee substitute in many circles.


Amnesia is a mainly Sativa dominated strain but it has several parents depending on the breeders. It is a stimulating strain that is known for its effects which include uplifting your mood, being creative, and giving you a sense of euphoria. It is seen as being very ideal for enhancing your mood any time of day or night no matter the situation.

Banana OG

This is a high hybrid strain that has an amazing smell. This has been described as being an overripe banana combined with the smell of pine. It has a distinct reputation since its effects will get to you very slowly and hit you in an instance. It also has a thick smoke but will always leave you laughing.

Bay 11

It comes from the Sativa family with Appalachia as the family strain. It is known to be very strong with dense buds that are covered with resin which has a sweet aroma. It has an immediate effect that leaves you feeling very relaxed and uplifted.