The Benefits of CBD Wax

cannabis with cannabidiol (cbd) extract in a shopping cart

Since the federal legalization of high CBD hemp flower (cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC) many people have already come to enjoy the benefits that this plant can offer. However, many people are still not aware of the benefits of high potency CBD concentrates such as CBD wax.

The average high CBD hemp strain typically has CBD content between 15%-20%. High CBD concentrates such as CBD waxes, dabs, crystals and isolates offer a much higher concentration, generally between 67%-98% depending on what type of concentrate you have.     

Why use a CBD concentrate?

For those looking to experience the effects of a high dose of cannabidiol, without consuming a massive amount of CBD oil or edibles, CBD concentrates can be the perfect alternative. By Ďdabbingí these high CBD concentrates, users can experience relief usually with just one or two puffs. Plus, because the CBD is being inhaled, the effects are felt almost immediately. The process of dabbing involves using a glass rig or a specialized wax pen that allows for concentrates to be vaporized and inhaled. This is done by applying a small bit of wax to the penís coil, which heats up and vaporizes the wax so that it can then be inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Dabbing is one of the quickest, and most intense, ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD wax. Thatís because dabbing allows users to consume high amounts of cannabinoids in a short amount of time. In fact, while not recommended, it is possible to dab up to as much as five grams of CBD concentrate in a single hit. This is obviously an extreme example and should not be practiced regularly, but the point remains that when it comes to taking in high amounts of CBD, nothing is more efficient than dabbing.

CBD is mild and generally well tolerated, so thereís no reason to worry about using too much. Thereís never been a recorded case of an overdose, even when high amounts of CBD are consumed. In most cases, even when ingested in high amounts, any negative side effects were mild and included symptoms like fatigue or nausea.

Dabbing is also thought to be healthier than smoking due to the fact the user is only inhaling a pure form of cannabinoid vapor, and not ash, tar or smoke from burnt plant material. Also, thereís no butane that could potentially be present due to using a lighter and smoking hemp flower in the traditional way.

Quick & Effective Relief

People who take CBD products orally may have to wait for relief as CBD swallowed in this way first has to be digested. This lengthy process involves being broken down in the stomach and then metabolized by the liver before finally being absorbed into the bloodstream where the user would actually be able to feel the effects.

The process generally takes around forty-five minutes, but can even take up to as long as two hours. One of the major benefits of CBD wax is that it provides extremely quick felt effects when inhaled. For this reason, it can be the best in terms of relief for some people. Dabbing allows for bypassing the digestive system altogether.

When concentrates are inhaled in vapor form, CBD can pass much more quickly into the bloodstream. The effects can be felt almost immediately when CBD passes through the blood brain barrier via the lungs. Most experience relief within three to five minutes.

CBD concentrates that can be inhaled are extremely alluring for patients suffering from chronic pain, or other symptoms where quick relief is more beneficial than having to wait. However, one drawback to CBD wax, albeit minor, is that it basically requires a device with a heating element like a dabs rig, vaporizer, or wax pen in order to be used properly.

Why CBD Purity Matters

Another benefit of CBD concentrates is their purity. CO2 extraction is the preferred method for creating these concentrates due to the exceptional purity that it provides.

By extracting CBD from organic hemp plants and further filtering it for maximum purity, the result is a concentrated form of CBD that is up to 98% pure. Each small bit of waxy CBD concentrate is packed with cannabinoids, as well as amino acids and terpenes. These are often added to give the wax a full bodied flavor for maximum enjoyment.

Extracting CBD using carbon dioxide removes other compounds and undesirable substances, like chlorophyll. When the process is complete, it leaves behind a substance that is currently some of the purest CBD possible. With CO2 extraction, you can rest easy knowing that youíre getting a concentrated, and potent CBD wax product.

Itís important to buy CBD concentrates from a reputable source. It is highly recommended to review a third party, independent lab test result of a product before purchasing it to ensure youíre getting a pure form of CBD. Due to a lack of regulations, many product labels for less reputable companies can be misleading, and should be avoided as the chances are very high you will be getting a sub par product from them.

CBD Wax Properties

Generally, CBD wax should have a strong smell, and a gooey consistency. It is usually amber in color. There are many different types of CBD concentrates that you can use in a vaporizer or dabs rig: wax, shatter, budder, live resin, and crumble just to name a few.

The names for these different kinds of waxes are intended to be descriptive of the texture or consistency. The reason why there are so many different kinds of CBD wax is because the physical properties of the extracts can change based on the strain of cannabis used and the process involved.

The strains really do make a difference as some are more stable than others. These will produce an extract that is more solid, while others that are less stable can come out more goopy.


While dabbing is increasing in popularity because of cannabis legalization in some areas. Products that are derived from industrial hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC are federally legal in the United States. However, always check state and local laws as there are still some areas where CBD use is not permitted.

Final Thoughts

Itís important to do your own research and carefully consider the concentrate you are interested in. CBD wax varieties can vary greatly depending on the source and itís important to answer any questions you may have before using them.

If the company you are shopping with isnít able to adequately answer your questions, you might want to consider shopping with a more reputable company that can provide these answers.

One reason for this is that the CBD market is still largely unregulated, so itís important to protect yourself as a consumer by seeking reliable information in order to avoid buying a sub-standard, or low-quality product.

CBD products are safe for everyday use, and are even generally considered to be healthy by the many thousands of people who use them. Still, itís wise to be wary of shopping for CBD with companies you arenít sure you can trust.

Make sure a company can verify whatís in their products with third party lab test results, and always discuss it with your doctor before taking a CBD product. Especially if you take any other medications that are metabolized in the liver as these can interact with CBD.