The Beginner’s Guide to CBD

Guide to CBD

Cannabidiol has become more popular in recent years after making headlines for its health and wellness benefits. While there are a lot of misconceptions as to what CBD is, it’s a completely safe substance that has opened an entirely new business market.

If you’ve only just started to see the acronym appear around you, it can be difficult to understand what exactly CBD is. Keep reading for information about what CBD is, where to buy it, and how you can even venture into this industry as a seller.

What CBD Is

Before you try CBD for the first time, it’s important to first understand what CBD is. Since the extract comes from a marijuana plant, there is a lot of misinformation regarding its effects.

The acronym stands for cannabidiol, a compound that comes from marijuana plants. In contrast to what some believe, CBD will not give the “high” associated with weed. The part is called THC.

Cannabidiols come primarily from cannabis plants and are a specific chemical/cannabinoid which contains low amounts of THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) may be present within the extract, but it will always contain less than .3%, an amount low enough to avoid any “high.”

Cannabidiols are prominent within medical weed and have a variety of health purposes. For instance, infused creams can be used for topical pain management. CBD oil can be found in many products, such as bathroom products, food, etc.

The wide range of infused items creates a large inventory with a big market. Additionally, there are no addictive qualities to this product.

Where to Buy CBD

You can purchase CBD at Target, supermarkets, and other major chains. However, there’s likely a dispensary near you that sells specifically CBD products, and these businesses are the best place to go for CBD. Sellers like Eagle Moon Hemp offer exclusive discounts you can’t get anywhere else, boast a larger stock, and offer more variety.

This product comes in many forms, such as oils and even edibles, which vary depending on where you are buying from. If you are interested in opening your own store or selling CBD products at your business, buying wholesale from CBD dispensaries is ideal. You get better discounts on bulk items and support another local business in the process. 

How to Sell CBD

If looking to start a business that sells these products, you must first obtain a license. This requirement varies by state and might come down to just a business license. It’s important to check your state’s specific rules for selling CBD.

If you are not the person growing the plant and producing the extract, you are also required to have a secondary license that enables you to resell items. A resale license is needed if you purchase the items from a wholesale market or another source.

Additionally, anything you sell must contain less than a certain amount of THC. However, each state has different guidelines on this requirement and what is considered too much THC in a CBD product.

Explore the Benefits of CBD Today

There’s a wide range of health and business opportunities surrounding the market for cannabidiol. Whether you’re an individual user, struggling patient, or a future company owner, it’s possible to have your life completely changed by CBD products. Now that you have a basic understanding of both CBD and its market, you can delve further into cannabinoids and learn about what benefits are out there for you. There is always new research being done on the health benefits of this compound, so keep an eye out for new discoveries as they emerge in headlines this year.