T’gana Guv visits hospital in support of corona positive medicos

Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan on Monday visited Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) here to convey her support to the healthcare workers affected by COVID-19 while discharging their duties.

Amid reports of many doctors and paramedics at the government-run hospital testing positive for COVID-19, the Governor visited the facility.

Wearing a face mask, face shield and gloves, the Governor visited the hospital and enquired about the treatment being provided to the affected healthcare professionals.

She told reporters after coming out of the hospital that she personally met medicos, nurses and paramedics who got infected and wished them a speedy recovery. She said they were brave and bold and were happy to serve the nation.

“The number of medicos affected is really a concern for me and hence I wanted to visit and convey that we are with you. Don’t worry,” she said.

“Most of the medicos here got infected while doing procedures to save patients. The purpose of my visit is to give moral support to the firstline warriors,” she added.

The governor said she wanted to convey moral support to doctors, staff nurses and paramedics and also to sanitary workers, policemen and media persons who are all firstline warriors in the fight against coronavirus.

She appealed to the people of Telangana to follow the safety measures. “Relaxation is only for values, not virus, but we have to live with it. Be careful, wear masks, wash hands and keep social distancing wherever you go. Don’t be careless and at the same time, don’t panic,” she said.

The Governor said she was worried over the death of a young journalist due to Covid-19 and advised the media persons to take all precautions.

Before coming to the NIMS, the Governor visited Sri Venkateswara temple in Jubliee Hills and offered prayers.

She appealed to the people to take all precautions while visiting the temples. She said the government took the difficult decision of reopening the temples because people have to pray.