Tape-In Human Hair Extensions Are Better

hair extensions

If you have ever tried using hair extensions, you probably love them and simply can’t live without them.  They not only add chemical-free color and more volume to your hair, but they also give you a feeling of confidence as well.  However, there are so many different types of hair extensions available today, chances are that you have asked yourself, ‘which type of hair extensions are the best?’ on more than one occasion.

You have sew-in wefts, clip-in extensions, individual extensions (such as i-tip, micro bead, fusion, and keratip), and even tape-in extensions.  So which one is the absolute best method of hair extensions?  The best style of hair extensions is hands-down the tape-in hair extensions human hair.  Not only are tape-in hair extensions human hair the most requested in salons across the country, but they are quickly becoming the most popular style of hair extensions as well.  In fact, tape extensions human hair have the absolute best benefits when compared to any other type of hair extension.  Here is exactly why tape extensions human hair are so much better than the rest.

The Cost – When it comes to hair extensions, they can easily become quite costly.  However, with tape-in hair extensions, they are both less expensive than other methods as well as cheaper to put in.  This is due in part to tape-in hair extensions normally taking less than one hour to get done.

On top of that, the maintenance of your new extensions is also much cheaper.  Due to the tape wefts that are used and how they are applied, it is much quicker to have your extensions moved up, hence the cost to get it done is much less.  While the cost of tape-in human hair extensions is similar to that of other hair extension methods, you will be saving in terms of the application and maintenance.

Low Maintenance – When it comes to hair extensions, the tape-in kind are definitely the easiest to maintain.  This is because of their width and thin construction.  If you have ever had tape-in hair extensions, you have more than likely forgotten that you even had them.  This is another huge benefit of tape-in extensions.  Once they have been taped in, you simply forget about them for the next 2-3 months, after which you will need to get them moved back up.

Just a quick side note, be sure that you only use a quality, human hair tape-in with Remy tape.  If you do not, you will regret it, as the extensions will not last as long due to the low quality of the hair and tape.  The higher quality extensions will also not tangle, mat, shed, and can be reused later if you would like.  As long as you are using a quality human hair tape-in extension, maintenance will be hassle-free and easy.

Cause the Least Damage – Some types of hair extensions can actually cause some serious damage to your hair.  That is simply not the case with tape-in extensions.  Not only are they lightweight, but they also don’t pull your hair, and they even grow out as your own grows out.  Tape-in extensions are easy to have removed, and designed to be 100% non-damaging as well.

While there are many hair extensions available, tape-in hair extensions are definitely the best method.  They are easy to have applied, maintained, and you won’t even remember that you’re wearing them.  With tape-in hair extensions human hair, you will have more confidence, look better, and finally have the long hair that you’ve always wanted.