SVAKOM Hedy Best Male Masturbator Reivew


Need an affordable male masturbator? If so, look no further.

The SVAKOM brand has the “Hedy” model for you. It’s well-designed for every man’s needs. And it focuses on maximizing convenience.

How so? This is what we’ll look at below. We’ll review this product, its features, and why you should get it!

First – Basic Features.

This is what’s commonly called a “flesh-light.”

At a basic level, it helps men masturbate without much mess. And the product’s materials and specs assist with that perfectly.

Size & Shape.

This SVAKOM Hedy Best male masturbator is 140mm long. It can easily house most erect penises without issue. And this makes the product suitable to a large market!

Plus, this is an egg masturbator.” It’s shaped in a way where the inner diameter is slightly thicker than the ends. And this ensures that the penis isn’t “constricted” when using the toy.

It also ensures a comfortable grip that’s not too suffocating.

And speaking of suffocation, this egg masturbator is 94mm to 100m wide. This gives the penis breathing room when putting or taking off the toy.

So it Doesn’t Hug the Penis Well?

It doesn’t have to. After all, the fabric of this toy is quite malleable.

Second – Fabric.

Like all SVAKOM sex toys, this is made from body-safe thermoplastic elastomers. But this one stretches better, and it comes with a thin wall.

As a result, it has many advantages.

For starters, you can squeeze it. You can have it hug your penis tightly when masturbating. Or, you can have it rub lightly against it. It’s simply a matter of preference.

It’s a simple design – but it gives you maximum control over the experience.

Also, another advantage is fit. This toy can stretch for larger penises. So it can fit almost any erection you can think of. And this makes this toy suitable for all men!

Third – Easy to Lubricate.

You cannot use a sex toy without lubrication. This invites harms to your genital issue, and it’s not a wise approach to satisfying your needs.

However, many sex toys “break down” fast from lubrication. Specifically, many male masturbators last 1-2 uses. And this isn’t conducive to a care-free sexual experience.

How the Hedy Solves that Problem.

This toy doesn’t react with lubrication. In fact, it’s quite resilient to it. As a result, each egg masturbator lasts anywhere from 5-6 uses!

Obviously, you can use it more times than that (if you’re on a budget). However, the material does breakdown over time.

In general, masturbators are the type of toys meant to be discarded quickly.

But with this toy, you get a little more longevity. And if you’re into using male masturbators, this allows you “budget options.”

Fourth – Women Can Use it Too!

The shape of this toy allows for proper “vaginal stimulation.”

Males can actually use this as a vibrator of sorts. The toy does have soft nodes outside of it, allowing for soft stimulation. Thus, it’s an excellent pre-set to good intercourse.

With this toy, you can spark some physical attraction before sex!

Can I Use This as a Condom Too?

That’s not recommended.

Remember, this toy does require a grip so it doesn’t slip off. And to use it in intercourse means risking a hospital visit.

That is – the toy can get stuck in a female partner’s vagina.

Excellent – I’d Like to Get the SVAKOM Hedy.

Good choice. Getting into the habit of using male masturbators is hygienic, and more pleasurable overall.

To get your Hedy, be sure to visit the SVAKOM website. Check out their colorful selection, and get your toy now!