Spurt in corona cases causes concern in Agra

With two more deaths and 11 new COVID-19 cases reported till Tuesday evening, alarm bells have started ringing again in the city.

The death toll now is 53 and the total number of corona cases has soared to 991. However, District Magistrate P. N.Singh said 882 had recovered while 116 were under treatment. The number of samples had increased to 15,498.

Health officials explained that the surge in cases was due to increase in sample tests. A large number of deaths were of patients who had a past history of morbidities.

Officials claimed that 4,37,642 houses had been surveyed, which meant more than 16 lakh people in the district have been screened so far. This number is the highest in Uttar Pradesh.

As markets opened, after the announcement of Unlock-1, traffic on the main streets has increased. This has put additional pressure on the policemen. To ensure people observe social distancing and wearing of masks, the police has upped the vigil. On Tuesday, 4,476 vehicles were checked for violation of traffic rules. A total of 1,156 owners was given the tickets.

The district authorities in anticipation of a surprise visit by the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, have started preparations to present a better profile of the city. Medicare facilities at the district hospital and the S.N. Medical College, were being streamlined and grievances were being addressed urgently.

Health department officials said, private hospitals were being encouraged to open their doors to patients, suffering from non-Covid ailments.

Meanwhile, Several associations of parents have complained to the administration against schools compelling them to pay fees for the past three months, though children have stayed home during the lockdown.

Complaints have also been filed against the private power discom for sending wrong bills and overcharging during this period, though the company has denied the allegations.