Small Business Insights: 3 Ways to Build a Better Health & Fitness-Related Brand

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If you own a health brand or e-commerce site, there are myriad possibilities to expand and capitalize on your resources. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated when looking to grow your brand, offer more services, or just become more relevant! Here are three ways to help entrepreneurs build better health and fitness-related brands.

Have a Blog Page on Your Website

Any company focused on health is sending a positive message. What better way to build a voice for a health brand than a blog? Many companies that make exercise gear are giving their clothing and brand more personality by outsourcing bloggers who discuss exercise trends and workout wear. This is a way to give your health brand more dynamics and personality.

Publishing a blog also shows engagement. Content production is becoming increasingly sought after, because people spend so much time on their phones scanning the internet. Blogging is a way to engage and build a voice for a health brand that cares about its consumers.

Another way to connect is by reaching out to influencers and work on building a team focusing on this form of engagement. Many health companies reach out to influencers and have them feature their protein bars in a blog post or a social media post. People are likely to look to their favorite influencer when deciding what the best protein bar is for energy as opposed to just blindly searching the internet.

Offer a Variety of Products

This is a strategy to slowly grow a business and offer more for your customers. Returning customers who can order produce from their favorite fresh food site are bound to order supplements through the same company. Utilizing these outlets is an option for many protein shake companies, exercise equipment companies, etc. When thinking about offering supplements, look at supplement manufacturers who offer nutritional products that align with your brand.

When thinking of new and useful products to offer, consider useable freebies like t-shirts and water bottles. If the excellent creative branding builds brand recognition. You can offer more health products, brand merchandise, or anything that your customers see a need for. This is one of the perks of owning an e-commerce health brand—there is endless room for expansion and creativity.

Make Sure there is a Cohesive Message

This is crucial for all businesses, online or brick-and-mortar. If people are confused or are under the illusion that too much is going on, they will look elsewhere. Keep your message simplified while offering a variety of products. When thinking of your health brand, constantly look at the creative message you are giving customers, and keep it simple!

It is never too late to stop growing, especially in the constantly evolving health industry. You can spice it up by simply adding beneficial items to your product list or by making merchandise that resonates with your customers.

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