Why Skipping Breakfast Is One of the Worst Decisions to Make

Skipping Breakfast

From the time we are old enough to understand food, it seems we all have it drilled into our psyche how vital breakfast is as a meal. Commonly talked about as one of the most important meals of the day, from the school nurse to the general practitioner and many fitness instructors, all health experts will instill in us the importance of eating breakfast.

However, the older we get, the busier we become and inevitably, many people tend to stop listening to this advice, believing that breakfast is a rather tiresome and cumbersome process which they just simply canít devote such valuable time to.

Whether you have fallen out of love with breakfast, or you believe you just donít have the time to fuss with such trivial stuff first thing in the morning, here are just 3 fundamental reasons why those nurses, general practitioners, and other health experts place so much emphasis on breakfast; and ultimately, why you should too.

  • When You Awake, the First Thing Your Body Craves Is Food

By the time the average person arises in the morning, they have slept for around 8 hours straight. For some of us, this figure can be more significant here. Therefore, by the time you make it to the kitchen your brain is already telling your body that itís time to refuel.

The time that most of us go the longest without food is usually the time in between going to bed and rising. Therefore, your body will naturally wake feeling hungry. It is consequently up to you to respond to this hunger and offer your body a nourishing meal to encourage the body to wake up fully and ready to embrace the day ahead.

Rather than punish your body and let it go any longer without replenishing it, offer it as healthy and nutritional a breakfast here as possible. In turn, it will thank you by helping you operate and concentrate much better for the long morning ahead of you.

  • A Good Balanced Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight

Itís well known that by eating a healthy breakfast on a regular basis, you can maintain a steady weight. This is just because the body will begin to lag as the day goes on if you havenít had any breakfast and ultimately tiredness and a feeling of sluggishness sets in. This then leads to you feeling the need to solve this lethargy by way of a sugary drink or snack to boost yourself, getting you through to lunchtime.

By doing this on a daily basis, the weight then starts to creep on, and before you know it, you are facing an uphill struggle to lose extra pounds. If this sounds like you, the solution here is easy, take on a 14-day fat burn diet plan and make an effort to plan your breakfast ahead of time, making sure you never leave the house without having had something nutritional.

  • Eating Before You Leave Home Sets You up for the Rest of the Day

Finally, it goes without saying that by getting a good healthy and nutritious breakfast before you leave home, you inevitably set yourself up for the best possible day ahead.

Whether you select a fresh fruit melody or a protein-packed selection for your breakfast, you give yourself a head start on the day and get your mind and body ready to take on whatever lies in wait for you, as you enter the workplace.

Ultimately, by making breakfast a regular everyday meal, you allow yourself a much healthier future and develop a better mindset as a result.