Sexual Health Apps: Keep Safe and Healthy!

play safe

Thereís an app for everything these days, even monitoring your sexual health. So, instead of wasting hours each day scrolling aimlessly through social media, why not set aside a few minutes to download an incredibly useful STD tester app? 

We know how awkward it can be to sit down and have a conversation with a new partner about your sexual history. Downloading a sexual health app is a great way to take away this awkwardness. With more and more people meeting their significant others over apps, it makes sense to also use your phone to monitor your sexual health in this way – itís super convenient. 


Arguably the best sexual health testing app is iPlaySafe. You can choose to test for either six or nine STIs, which is done by sending away for a home testing kit. After sending your sample back in the included pre-paid envelope, it will be analysed in a lab. Youíll receive your results in the app within a few days, and you can choose who youíd like to share your details with. 

How to Track your Results with iPlaySafe

After receiving your results securely to your app, you will be given help and advice about any further steps you should take. Youíll also get access to some useful resources to help you keep safe and healthy in your new relationship. 

Sharing your Status in the iPlaySafe App

After taking your test, you will be given a badge in the app for six months. This allows you to share your status with other users. But, itís up to you to decide if you wish to share it, and with who.

Itís also possible to receive other userís statuses, even if you havenít taken a test yourself. This is a great way to give yourself peace of mind before embarking upon a new physical relationship. You can do this for free just by downloading the app and making yourself a profile.  


Another excellent app for women to monitor their sexual health is Eve, a period tracker. Itís ideal for monitoring your cycle, and can help you predict when your next period is due as well as your chances of getting pregnant on any particular day in your cycle. 

Regularly inputting your information into this app can help you find patterns and know what to expect, particularly in terms of your mood at various points during your cycle. 

My Sex Doctor

The final app that youíre sure to find useful when it comes to tracking your sexual health is My Sex Doctor. It is packed full of information on a whole range of topics, including whether you are in a healthy relationship and a symptom checker if you think you may have an STD. 

Of course, an app canít replace a doctor, but it is a great starting place if you are looking for instant advice and perhaps feel embarrassed about seeking it elsewhere. The app mainly caters to teenagers and young adults, but weíre sure anyone could learn a thing or two from My Sex Doctor!†