Why Any Serious Fitness Influencer Should Build A Fitness Website


If youíre an influencer in 2018, itís important to protect your future, for fitness experts even more so.

Fitness influencers are some of the most motivated social media related business owners around.† Theyíre known for their taglines, motivational driven videos, and a plethora of other content.† While social media is their bread and butter, itís easy for that to run out whenever social media platforms change how they work.

The trouble with relying on social media is that its easy to be left in the dark by an algorithm update.† Many influencers, for instance, have noticed in the past year a significant drop in Facebook traffic that isnít paid for despite having a positive reach and a great track record of putting out quality content.

Even then everything from ghosted posts to decreased reach has lead to many influencers asking themselves what they need to do to not only make more but protect their brand and ensure it has longevity.

  1. It attracts clients
  2. It offers the opportunity to build/expand your brand.
  3. Perfect opportunity for networking.
  4. It can be sold later on.

A site attracts clients

Sites can attract clients because it shows that a fitness influencer can think in the long term. Social media, at its best, is a traffic and brand development platform that offers very little control to users. Profiles are deleted every day by accident or just because.

A site allows more easy collection of information automatically via a submission form that is pre-customized. It also is an easier way to have companies or clients contact because it is independent of any particular platform besides what you control and thus more secure.

If a social media profile is meant to outreach/drive traffic, a website is meant to convert them directly into profitable opportunities by showcasing more comprehensively what separates you from others via video, written content, or whatever works.

Deciding to build a fitness website offers the opportunity to grow/expand your brand.

Building a community via social media and then exporting them instantly makes your brand more valuable and ensures your fan/client base can contact you in the long term. But, websites, unlike social media, can make it easier to harness leads and convert them into clients and then, in turn, lead to more traffic for your site/brand.

Sharing social media posts is common, but websites as they rank get the secondary traffic of ranking for keywords on google that otherwise would be harder to capture with social media alone. Blog content, for instance, captures a new traffic stream and establishes potential opportunities for authority articles on other large platforms such as fitness websites.

It can be sold later on.

Many websites that are successfully driving web traffic and are owned independently can be flipped or sold later on via an array of online platforms/brokers.† The range in value can be anywhere from 12-36 months worth of revenue.

So, for those that are building out platforms themselves, the revenue and brand development opportunities can be endless and can lead to other sites being made under one fitness brand that can also be sold.