Rare tumour extracted to save woman’s life

Doctors at a Hyderabad hospital have saved the life of a woman by extracting a rare tumour from her abdomen just in time.

It was a rare condition where the tumour was attached to the diaphragm, liver, and the large bowel, and the right kidney was pushed downwards.

According to doctors at Medicover Hospital, this is an extremely rare condition, occurring one in a lakh. The condition was an alarming one and if neglected, the tumour could have ruptured causing life-threatening complications or turned malignant.

The 65-year-old female patient from Telangana presented with complaints of chest pain, abdominal pain, vomiting, and fever. On examination, it was found that she had a large tumour measuring 20 cms in the abdomen region which must have developed over the past few months.

After a detailed evaluation, the patient was planned for diagnostic laparoscopy. The tumour was separated from the liver, diaphragm, large bowel, and right kidney during the procedure, completely excised without any post-operative complications and the patient was discharged on complete recovery.

“This being a very rare condition, a lot of care had to be exercised. The condition, if neglected, would have caused life-threatening conditions including malignancy,” said Dr Ch Venkata Pavan Kumar, consultant, and laparoscopic surgeon.

Along with anaesthetist team headed by Dr Vijay Reddy, he performed the surgery successfully for over six hours and saved the patient from any major complication like rupture, peritonitis, liver and kidney failure.

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